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Dragyri Shadow Walker
Manufacturer: Dark Age
Category: SF

by Arjay

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Dragyri Shadow Walker

Dragyri Shadow Walker

This here is a Dragyri Shadow Walker from Dark Age Games which was sculpted by the extremely talented Werner Klocke. As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#402530 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2013
Perfectly convincing reflective chrome effects!! You're one of the very few mini-painters in the cosmos who can pull this technique off. The bronze on the shield boss (umbo) really compliments your harmonious colour combinations.
#259722 Rating: 10 25 May 2008
The SENMM effect on this mini is awe inspiring. A great job all around.
#135298 Rating: 10 3 Jun 2005
Superb, love that shield.
#135197 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2005
I remember staring at this for hours... It is perfect! I have not seen such a smooth and beautiful black anywhere else! The skin is amazing too and I really gotta comment your ability to place the highlights - it leaves me speakless. I agree with Rune, (Kaple) this is truly one of cmon's classics!
#130748 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2005
One of the classics here at cmon. A great inspiration when i took up my brushes again, the nmm simply blew me away. This is perfection. Great job Russel.
#105922 Rating: 9 14 Oct 2004
I give you a 9 for the chrome like NMM, fantastic one! You one of the 3 that became masters at chrome NMM. Worth a 9.66 in fact but can't
#65744 Rating: 10 20 Dec 2003
One comment! WOOOOOOW
#63461 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2003
That sheild, and the pipe things are totally th ebest work i have ever seen done, I bow down to you
#60106 Rating: 10 8 Nov 2003
This has got to be the best Sky-earth work i have evr seen. I am jealous too.
#59270 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2003
you know what? I HATE U FOR BEING THIS GOOD AT NMM!!!!!






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