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Miniature football pro football 2009 offensive center
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Misc

by footballdim

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Miniature football pro football 2009 offensive center

Miniature football pro football 2009 offensive center


This is my first attempt in miniature football painting and customizing. I used a plastic figure dedicated to Miniature Football game, and heavily customized it.

The figure is 100% handpainted with vallejo colors. No decals (except the front and back jersey numbers, where I used "peel and stick" modified stickers to integrate it in the mini's painting).

The scale is the classic 28-30mm scale. That figure is dedicated to Miniature Football tabletop game.

For people who doesn't know miniature football, is like Blood bowl...but in REAL ! ^^ it's a coaching tabletop game, quite similar in a certain way to figures wargaming, but using the real US football rules and a electric vibrating board, instead of dices and rulers.

Some of the american miniature enthusiasts certainly know the classic football tabletop game that inspired the modern hobby/sport named Miniature football ...Believe me, it changed, and now it's played at high level...the figures are not just spinning in circles anymore

The player (called "coach") prepare his figures and bases to make them fast, strenght, running straight or curve, etc... and create strategies for the game. Then, the real Physics (and a little luck!) make the athletes literaly run and brawl on the board (real fields and stadiums are created too).

If you're interested in this game or/and this very "exotic" (finally, more exotic than the usual fantasy ^^ ) miniature modelling domain, try to google or youtube "miniature football" or "electric football"

On my side, the complete team will be full customized and hand painted soon, I'll post the results here.

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#311726 28 Dec 2009
thank you a lot for the comments ! If you like that one, you'll certainly enjoy the complete squad I uploaded ! Take a look on this hobby, it's not the unplayable child game anymore...there is a lot of great modellers and players, now !
#309836 Rating: 9 3 Dec 2009
I just love this!! I've had 'Electric' football since I was just a little one....The players I had were originally hand painted, but nothing this good. Fantastic, hope to see more!






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