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Aquatic Elf
Manufacturer: Ral Partha
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel

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Aquatic Elf

Aquatic Elf

My first official experiment with pastels.
This is a stunning aquatic elf put out by RP shortly before they went under. It's in 28mm scale with luscious detail. I don't know her real name because I received her with a box of someone else's painted junk. Initially I thought this was a Drow because of the organic armor.
Her base is a Dark Age base sculpted up with Fimo and some Greenstuff for the smaller details (wavetops). There are even some real shells. The wave is crashing over the top of the rock she's perched on. Reaching out it seems to embrace her from behind, a lurid face beginning to rise from the waters.

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Viewer comments:
#167988 Rating: 9 17 Feb 2006
Excellent work as usual.
#147266 Rating: 9 5 Sep 2005
I think the colour scheme is fantastic! The blades are beautiful and the wave looks so realistic. I must get more creative with my bases. I didn't even know fimo still exhists.Her face is so cheeky, I love it...
#86957 Rating: 9 30 May 2004
Now this is what I mean by bringing something to the miniature that is unexpected and unique. Your basing skills are superlative, and this base is great. I'm not a fan of sculpted bases on my own minis, but thats becuse for me, every piece is a game piece, but i like seeing the detail on others works.
#51127 Rating: 9 28 Aug 2003
The colors are very nice Angela. Interesting skin tone too. I really like the water effect, and the blades are awesome! Great stuff as usual - Glyn
#48008 Rating: 10 5 Aug 2003
Angela, the more I see your work, the more I think there is not a mini out there that you could not improve - including the infamous old hunks o'lead from the dark ages of minidom.
#38997 Rating: 9 20 May 2003
Love the paintjob and the base, your pastel work is great. However I'm not keen on the forced boobs and extra long ears of the sculpt.

#38826 Rating: 10 18 May 2003
ops!wrong vote!it's a 10!

#38823 Rating: 8 18 May 2003
Really a beautiful mini!the pastels are great,and also the blades!
#38794 Rating: 10 17 May 2003
excellent job Angela spot on the colors..the coral swords are very nice






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