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Astrid, Female Chronicler
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Alexi Z

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Astrid, Female Chronicler

Astrid, Female Chronicler

This miniature is being auctioned as part of The Newbold Challenge in support of Children in Need.
You can read more about The Newbold Challenge at

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Viewer comments:
#403885 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2013
Done to perfection.
#387218 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2013
Looks like the princess in: Arthur and the Invisibles :/ Good paint job ok base. 8.5 But i give it a 10 to compensate for the one who gave it a 7
#371964 Rating: 6 18 Jun 2012
this is the best painting i have seen on this miniature, amazing
#344136 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2011
Just finished this one and was quite pleased with it so thought I'd look to see if anyone else has done it. WOW this is awesome!! I know all the difficult little bits and you've nailed them. You've given her a little smile! That's not even on the sculpt. Never would have thought of that. The strings too, are excellent with the NMM. I wish I had looked this up before I started, it would have either inspired the hell out of me or scared me off. Anyway, beautiful work!
#320755 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2010
Nobody can win with "Alexi-Z". Really usual.
#306689 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2009
excellent painted mini. The hair could have been better but it doesn't affect the overall look and the complete sensation of the mini is just great! cheers, Picster
#306649 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2009
okay, i'm biased, i like redheads. that out of the way, you did a fine job. this is the kind of work i am trying to emulate, and still a long way from it. i hope the auction was a success. beautiful job! (which is why you're a popular cmon member!
#306632 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2009
Niall and I are obviously not looking at the same mini. The one I see has great hair highlights and a very detailed face. Perhaps she is a popular member b/c her painting skills are top notch? Seriously, browse her gallery. About the only thing I can critique is that the pants seem a little odd- a little too smooth and the buff color makes them almost look like skin.
#306600 Rating: 7 27 Oct 2009
I looks like you missed a lot of highlight stages on the hair and face. Perhaps this has been rated 9 because it is a Children in Need miniature and you are a popular cmon member..
#306165 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2009






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