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Limited edition Armageddon vignette
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow one

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Limited edition Armageddon vignette

Limited edition Armageddon vignette

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#371950 Rating: 9 18 Jun 2012
Beautiful Freehand work on the banner! The marines damage conveys the hard fight before
#363233 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2012
sort of reminds me of the US Marine corps on Iwo. and as a Father of a United States Marine I can say this is a great paint job and the sentiment that it was supposed to radiate is very present.
#359981 Rating: 9 7 Jan 2012
Outstanding model! Great paintjob
#346421 Rating: 10 22 May 2011
very impressive the free hand is epic but whats most impresive is how in the hell did u put that model together i have 1 and it just wont go
#309771 Rating: 10 2 Dec 2009
#307503 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2009
Yeah - Flags of our fathers... Great work with an amazing freehand. 11 Points, thanks for showing! Regards Valar
#307217 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2009
As far as I know this is one of the most valuable collector´s pieces in 40k and I am happy to see it painted to such an astonishing level, The marines` armor suits look great, but really the banner that draws my eye, this is some of the most amazing freehand I hzave seen in a very long time, ; the only minor thing I dislike is the way you made the marines' backpacks, somehow I feel the exhausts should have been painted in a different way from the rest, maybe NMM, the backpacks look a bit too plain and boring to my eye.
#307212 4 Nov 2009
Blooddragon, ask about it GW member who sculpt this shoulderpads.
#307170 Rating: 10 3 Nov 2009
Wow, great... no awesome paintjob! But when were then the Dark Angels on Armageddon? Should this not be a salamander?
#306754 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2009
Bigest and the best!






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