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My Arwen Italian GD 2009
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by franciuus

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My Arwen Italian GD 2009

My Arwen Italian GD 2009

Hi All,
I present you my last work,
this year i have no time for italian GD and i arrived at the last week with no pieces to bring with me. In the last 7 days, painting at night i decided to paint a little lord of the rings miniature.

unexpected i win the gold in this category, in front of the beautiful Eowin by Arsies.

I hope you like it.
sorry the pictures are not very good... in real life is more gray and less yellowish...i'm a bad photographer.

soon i will post some scheme about the painting and the tecnique.



P.S. i reposted this another time because she is disappeared from my database, i don't know why, so thanks to all the people comments and vote me before..

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#310061 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2009
Un'Arwen di grande delicatezza, raffinatezza ed eleganza. Fantastica scelta di colori per una realizzazione tecnica favolosa. Oro strameritato e un altro gioiello per la tua splendida galleria. Assolutamente 10.
#307547 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2009
bad photp fra, it's more grey, more beautiful in hand. good work
#306973 Rating: 10 31 Oct 2009
8.5?? That's ridiculous. It's one of the best lotr mini's i've ever seen. Wonderfull paintjob, and a great, new, approach of this mini!
#306910 Rating: 10 30 Oct 2009
Fantastic job Francesco! One of the best painted LOTR mini I've ever seen. Beautiful contrast and such a smooth paintjob on the face in such a small scale. Bravo!
#306875 Rating: 10 30 Oct 2009
la mia arwen preferita! CIAO...
#306836 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2009
Damn you! How do you manage to paint a piece like that in such a short time?!? I'm so envious! By the way, do you realize that if you painted a mini like this every 7 days and sold them, you'd be a rich man? ;-) One more time, congratulations for the daemon!
#306835 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2009
Amazing job. The face is just incroyable!
#306813 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2009
Dal video è meravigliosa...dal vivo mi hanno detto che lo è ancor di più...complimenti
#306781 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2009
Un piccolo capolavoro , la più bella Arwen a piedi che sia mai stata dipinta. Complimenti .Ciao
#306772 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2009
Lovely use of texture






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