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Brother Captain Stern
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by KDar


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Brother Captain Stern

Brother Captain Stern

Hi all, here's my last work.
It's not a good work, I know... I've found some casting issues on the model at the beginning of the work, so I intended it to be like an experimental miniature, using the white primer, coloured (blue-ish) metallics and other smaller things you may notice, mainly about colours. Not everything came out nicely, as you can see, the armour is quite grainy, and the details badly defined.
Actually I'm satisfied by just some parts of the model: the face, the tones of blue and violet used for the tabard and cloak (maybe this one it's not much contrasted, I'll try to improve it next time), and the metallics on the sword blade.
This is all I can say about the model, I begun the work in the summer of 2008, got bored and busy, so it was completed 1 year later; entered it in the Italian GD 2009, but didn't make the first cut hehe.
For any question I'm at your service


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#307532 Rating: 9 7 Nov 2009
For being an experiment this rocks hell... the face alone is worth a hundred views, the armour and metal parts are brilliant, just can't get along with the bright blues and purple... personally for me it should have been way darker to catch the athmosphere of the model... whatever my blabla says... awesome job! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#307112 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2009
Nonostante le difficoltà incontrate sull'armatura è, a mio avviso, un lavoro di pregio. Il volto è spettacolare, al solito; pergamene e cartigli sono di grande impatto e contribuiscono, assieme alla scelta dei colori di tabarro, mantello e scudo, a trasmettere un senso di autorità e di carattere che bene si addice a una personalità come Stern. Gran risalto all'azzurro, intenso e profondo.
#307024 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2009
a great job but your photos have killed the actual quality of the model ^ ^ "congratulations for this your interpretation of Stern
#307009 Rating: 10 31 Oct 2009
Un Lavoro da Gran Maestro!
#307003 Rating: 9 31 Oct 2009
grey knights are a pain to paint and well this is lovely yea its grainy but that sword makes up for it !
#307002 Rating: 9 31 Oct 2009
This is beautiful i agree about the amour but grey knights are a pain to paint so ... the sword is beautiful
#306988 Rating: 9 31 Oct 2009
Amazing work on his face!






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