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Ultramarine warrior, War For Macragge 745.M.41
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by julien.casses

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Ultramarine warrior, War For Macragge 745.M.41

Ultramarine warrior, War For Macragge 745.M.41

I made this Space Marine for being part of the Duel I take to UKGD 09.

I spend over 15 hours it.
You can see more pics of the final Duel result HERE.

I also wrote a Step by Step from A to Z about it, including near 300 pictures.
You can find it here. Be carefull, it’s huge to load ^^ !


J'ai réalisé ce Space Marine dans le cadre d'un Duel présenté au GD Anglais 2009.

Le Duel fini est visible en cliquant ICI.

Enfin pour toutes les personnes intéressées, j’ai rédigé un pas à pas de A à Z le concernant, incluant près de 300 photos. Vous pouvez le trouver en cliquant ici, mais attention, page lourde a charger ^^ !

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Viewer comments:
#377394 Rating: 10 7 Sep 2012
Love it! Love the depiction - captures the "emotion" of the scene really well, a lone warrior cornered on a presipice and turning to face the carnifex that chased him there. Ready to die as a warrior really REALLY well painted, AND the snow looks amazing!
#370707 Rating: 10 30 May 2012
#370706 Rating: 6 30 May 2012
Just so epic! awesome paintjob and scene... and finally snow that actually looks like real snow a truely masterpice. also thanks for the guide, its well appreciated. keep up the awesome work!
#310094 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2009
bon tu le sais deja julien ton dio c'est du tout bon et pour moi c'est pas le bronze que tu aurais du avoir mais l' or soit....... maintanant il y a encore des gens qui ferait mieux de ne pas mettre de commentaire plus tot que d' en faire un, hein f? maintenant petite critique, c'est vrai que le poing qui tient l' etendard cloche, mais bon c'est pas la premiere chose que j' ai vu sur les photos, personne n' est parfait.......
#310046 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2009
Wow! This is the way a duel between marines and nids should be! A masterful piece of work. Thank you for the tutorial, I found the basing segment rather helpful
#309953 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2009
#309923 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2009
9.5 here. It is REALLY good, but I must agree with martin here that the conversion of the hand is horrible julien!!! WTF did u do here my friend?? hehehehe otherwise its just great. clearly underrated in GD but ah, that's another story ;-) keep it up
#309847 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2009
Amazing work! The Snow/ice effect on the Base ist just... wow... realistic? Thanks for the HUGE step by step!
#309800 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2009
You did it in.. 15 hours!? :o Amazing job, dude! Perfect painting, very good conception. JUST BEAUTIFUL !!
#309787 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2009
vraiement superbe! excellent, bluffant!






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