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Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by verzaniproductions


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#48838 Rating: 9 11 Aug 2003
yeah, this is an outstanding piece of work. don't understand how people get hung up on the colors...
#38885 Rating: 10 19 May 2003
please, don't said me that is NMM, because if ypu only use NMM, you are a GOD!!!!!!!
#29234 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2003
Absolutely amazing paintjob. I agree with Fenris and think something like a 6 is completely uncalled for.
#27899 Rating: 10 3 Feb 2003
First: Incredible mini and badass paint job. Second: I don't agree with people who give bad ratings based on their color preference, I tend to grade based on their technique, style, and how clean the model ends up looking.
#13313 Rating: 8 13 Sep 2002
Yep...he can paint, VERY NICE WORK!
#8842 Rating: 10 17 Jul 2002
In time little grasphopper the way of the brush will be yours as well. ;-)
#7656 Rating: 10 26 Jun 2002
Where do I learn to paint like this?
#3797 Rating: 6 1 May 2002
my vote is hard, bit I really think technique is not all in painting minis... I HATE this color sheme, xmens are not my cup of tea and I think blue, yello and pure red are not made to get together. For me, a limited color choise of 1 principal color, a secondary wich goes very well wqith the first and a third with high contrast but little surface is the key. so all this to explain my note.. very good tech but flashy colors....
#1862 Rating: 9 31 Dec 1969
Great lookin stuff as always, your stuff is inspiring! I wish everyone though, would move away from Honza's color scheme of Blue and Gold with this figure. Another color scheme would be neat to see IMHO, wish I was goo d enought to try it, but not yet
#1774 Rating: 10 31 Dec 1969
Damn this is good!! Hey Matt, when are you putting up a painting guide on your website??






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