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Ork BossBike
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Soylent Bob


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Ork BossBike

Ork BossBike

It's not quite done, and the pics are with bad light (hence the blue tinge), but it IS the baddest Ork Bike this side of Badlanding.

The whole thing started when I thought, "Hey, that Tau Ion Cannon kinda looks like an engine block..." I pushed that idea deep into my subconcious hoping that I would never have to make something out of it.

Then Agatheron said to me: "I think it'd be a cool idea to make a Warboss on a bike."

Three weeks later...

The frame is handmade from solder wire. The rear tire was widened. The engine block is (as has been mentioned) a Tau Ion Cannon. The boss is from four different figs.

The magic number is 142, I believe. (That's how many parts in total.)

And he is still not done. I have to rip off the wiring and replace it with something that doesn't look like green snakes, finish the wires on his Power Klaw, and make a nifty base.

And even with all of that, Agatheron's bike is bigger...

Oh well, I can always make one with TWO engines!!

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Viewer comments:
#268707 Rating: 8 31 Aug 2008
true, the paint work could be better but maybe it's cause of the pics and th ebad light. Anyway it's a terrific (not to mention very funny) job you've done here !!! Bravo !
#181612 Rating: 8 9 Jun 2006
Such a cool conversion (10)! The paintjob (6) is the only thing that brings the overall score down! Really great idea!
#112060 Rating: 6 28 Nov 2004
Nice concept but painting could be better and why I chose a 6 for a rating. Afterall there are about 4-5 categories to get the rating from and 1-2 pts for each category.
#108043 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2004
Absofrigginlutely ineffincredible! SO the painting could be a little better, but it's not like it's any deterrent to the appeal of the model. That's it. I just HAVE to make one myself. I'm really blown away, what'S cooler than a crazy ork on a crazy badass bike? This just LOOKs supa loud. What a way to portray orks. Genius I say! GENIUS!
#105286 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2004
Painting is average but who cares, the conversion is bad to the bone! One of the best I've seen.
#102699 Rating: 10 21 Sep 2004
Brilliant!....this has inspired me to build my there a piccy of the finished product?
#42283 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2003
Just a thought...How about two rear wheels to turn it into a war trike?
#42282 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2003
That's the best BossBike I have seen. I can't wait to see the finished vesion. Only one comment. IMO the rear wheel lets it down a bit. A really big, fat rear wheel would make this modle look out of this world.
#40337 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2003
Awesome conversion. The detail on the bike is phenomenal. Very Orky.
#40141 1 Jun 2003
It's a V6 'cause if I put 8 pipes on it, they'd be too small and "wimpy". But that's OK, the next engine I build will be a V12. And the carb? That ain't all this guy's missin! Thanx for the comments everyone.






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