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Limited Edition Lord of Tzeentch on Disc
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Ana

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Limited Edition Lord of Tzeentch on Disc

Limited Edition Lord of Tzeentch on Disc

Hi all,

This was a commissioned job, pretty much fun to paint as I didn't have to be afraid to use too many colors on this model

Bigger and better pictures are available as always in my gallery at

I accept commissions.
If you are interested in having me paint something for you, contact me at:

All comments are welcome.
I hope you like my works!

-- Aña

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Viewer comments:
#385958 Rating: 10 25 Dec 2012
Love your work and your freehand is amazing, keep it up
#382530 Rating: 10 12 Nov 2012
Absolutely awesome! I love your work.
#378511 Rating: 10 24 Sep 2012
Think enough has been said already, wow!
#330908 Rating: 9 24 Sep 2010
The figure is spectacularly modeled and painted, the details are all so believable. Although you've painted everything so well that the little plastic stand you have ruins the piece! I would recommend using brass rod or something similar to support it rather than the clear plastic piece. Cheers, Valkyrie
#328803 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2010
Great use of color complements, and blends. Not crazy about the clear plastic rod tho.
#328307 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2010
Sweeeeeeeeet! But I want some o those super-macros to really see the detail.
#327744 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2010
3 words! blessing of tzeentch!
#327100 Rating: 10 24 Jul 2010
Great work there, I love the color scheme. The contrast is top notch, and while the blends are not SUPER smooth it's made up for in the overall composition. bravo! Pjatar, a 6 is the default if you forget to specify a score.
#323975 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2010
truth1985 why do you say it is amazing and give it a 6?
#322146 Rating: 6 16 May 2010
wow the fabric and shading and colors just AMAZING!






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