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My father... My Destiny. Children of war part II
Manufacturer: Pegaso
Category: Fantasy

by franciuus

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My father... My Destiny. Children of war part II

My father... My Destiny. Children of war part II

Hi all,
Thisd is my last work:
this is a project i'm thinking about for long time... when i finish my work "Save me... mon: Children of war" (the demonette with the little child, i think that in the future i can continue my reflection about "children and war" with another piece... so i think to do a "trilogy", with the same idea interprtate with different point of view and story...
ok i't difficult to explain for me in english, so i simple try... hope you understand

the idea of this scene is to represent father and son and the destiny of war, so the father is a tired warrior, sad and resigned about is tragic fate af war, and the child is in contrast with him because he is "happy" and proud to become like is father... so the child look at his future with proud eyes and dedication, father look at his future that is black, full of shadows, and he don't look his son, his past... no hope for the destiny of war...

in my idea you can also see this piece in a diffent two ways, that are the same "central idea" but with some changes...

1) the father is not here, is a projection of the child's soul, and hope, that look at this future and want to bacame strong as his eroes
2) there are not father and son, but are the same man, in the past and in the future, and both are blind... the young is blind about his fate, and the "old" man forgot his past

ok... i hope is understandable ahahaha is very absurd i know

the miniature are a conversion of the "Umbrian Warrior" from pegaso model (with the kuvar reaper sword), and the medieval child from pegaso, a little converted to be "like" the father...

comments are as always really wellcome.

p.s. The pictures have the problems that "flatting" the prospective effect and for that the child look oversized respect from the father, this is a true problem, infact the scale is a lillte different also if are all both 54mm but not so evident like seems in the pictures


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Viewer comments:
#316527 1 Mar 2010
fantasticoode: you ask me if i accept criticsm? but you give me a 9!!! how you can belive that i can consider a bad vote your 9? you give me a feedback, some kind words and a great rate! for me your one are a usefull and good commet and i thank you very much for this! i think that the problem of this site is that all the world want good rating, always more and more, and forget that are the word of the people that tell you what they think about your work, the best of CMON! looking at my gallery i think you understand with no doubt that for me the rate is really not important. The important is to share with the world your piece, for have some feedback and idea (like yours) or for helping someone that can ispire itself looking at you. i hope you understand my terrible english. thank you all for your comments and kind words
#316392 Rating: 10 27 Feb 2010
very clean nice picture nice flesh tone.
#316161 Rating: 10 25 Feb 2010
Wonderful! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman
#316135 Rating: 9 25 Feb 2010
Very nice paint job here. Only the tabard seems to be synthetic. Also the work on his leather straps is quite inaccurate. Very well interpreted model, but 9.5 I believe is a little too excessive for this model compared to most of the models I have seen on this scale. Overall is a full 9 for me. Great work. Hope you accept such criticism since I see a lot of your friends just giving you a straight 10 with no real comments. Overall you should be rated a lot higher on this site in my own opinion.
#315999 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2010
This man is certainly the greatest warrior of the Universe, he stole the Atlante sword to Conan the barbarian. Crom will certainly kick him out of the Valhala now... Well done, you made this day bright!
#315985 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2010
Congrats for the intensive freehand, it's really well done.
#315818 Rating: 10 21 Feb 2010
#315704 Rating: 10 20 Feb 2010
Fantastic job Fra! As usual, as usual... I really love your works, as each of them tells a story. I want to try some more narrative works in the future too. Great light and freehands. Bravo!
#315612 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2010
"10 is amazing" so you go for a 11! Greatings Fra
#315595 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2010
Great stuff!!






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