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Salamander Captain - GD entry, Los Angeles 2003
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Jarrett

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Salamander Captain - GD entry, Los Angeles 2003

Salamander Captain - GD entry, Los Angeles 2003

Hi folks, this was actually the Gamesday entry I had the most hope riding on. He did do fairly well for my "first time" - he was one of the 7 mini's that were on the table when they picked out 1, 2 and 3 place. But I think the base was "too much" and I don't think I'll do something like that again. He did seem to get lots of attention from the public browsers, which was kinda neat The flame idea has been done before by Matt Verzanni and Victoria Lamb - that's where I got the idea, to give credit where it belongs. I think if I had the guts to use lightsourcing on it, he would have done better - but Im still shy of that technique.

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Viewer comments:
#419330 Rating: 10 10 May 2014
#380192 Rating: 9 15 Oct 2012
can feel the heat, excellent. and great conversion work
#322578 Rating: 9 21 May 2010
The pose isn't my favorite part by far, but the flames are! By far!
#246563 Rating: 9 7 Jan 2008
Is that fire real?! Excellent!
#64957 Rating: 9 15 Dec 2003
i am very happy you did not doe the lightning source effect, i dont like that technique and the mini looks way better like this! a nine because none deserve a ten
#49650 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2003
Hot damn! I have just spent 4 or 5 minutes going 9..10...9..10...9..10. Hell, it's a 10. Superb work. Best flamework I have seen so far. Brilliant job.
#41564 Rating: 9 14 Jun 2003
Excellent work, I have to agree with you on the base...too much. I would cut it down and make it more compact. Your focal point is your mini after all and the base steals that away. Excellent work on the flame and the whole marine. I love the cloak work and every detail is
#41109 Rating: 9 9 Jun 2003
I gotta agree - the best flamer effect I've seen - ands I mean sculpting as well as painting. Wow, boy, it's almost hot!
#40300 Rating: 8 3 Jun 2003
Outstanding work on the marine, and that is undoubtedly the best flame effect I've seen on a mini... and then you go and spoil it by getting far too carried away with the base. Such a shame...
#40278 2 Jun 2003
I really appreciate all your comments - Jarrett






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