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templier du griffon
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by manu

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templier du griffon

templier du griffon

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#59159 Rating: 9 1 Nov 2003
I think this piece and, your article about how you accomplished it, are inspirational.
#57440 Rating: 8 17 Oct 2003
Sweet! So it's polished metal. Gotta make an article on how to do this. *hint hint*
#48710 Rating: 10 10 Aug 2003
No matter what everybody else says about one has to do NMM: this is the way coolest metal I ever saw. Absolutely amazing work. Do you tell how you did it ?
#43483 Rating: 8 2 Jul 2003
I love the metal! It has a very smooth appearance that I never seem to get with my metallics. It seems tricky to distinguish how much of the shadow came from the lighting, and how much from your actual painting. That's a good thing!
#40344 3 Jun 2003
Nothing looks like real metal better than real metal The armor is polished metal darkened with tamiya "smoke", the gold is vallejo's alcohol gold.
#40280 Rating: 8 2 Jun 2003
Wow! Those metallics are really nice! They look very polished. I am also curious what brand of paints they are. And it is nice to see that Confrontation figs can be painted without NMM.
#40237 Rating: 8 2 Jun 2003
I really like the metallics. What type of paint do you use? (Babelfish translation) J'aime vraiment le metallics. Quel type de peinture employez-vous?
#40223 Rating: 7 2 Jun 2003
Cool use of mettalic paints. It's just great to see good old mettalic is just as good as NMM. BTW, are the mettalics here Vallejo's alcohol colors?






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