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Custom Blood Angels Librarian Mephiston
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jahminis

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Custom Blood Angels Librarian Mephiston

Custom Blood Angels Librarian Mephiston

hey CMON...

this is my first sculpting project...
a custom built Mephiston for the new millenium...
hopefully i will get the chance to tackle another project like this in the future...
i would like to improve on my Greenstuff skills...

this mini is painted to my basic commission standard...
i've gone for a classic 'Eavy Metal style...
the freehand skull trim on his cloak was a bit of a rush job (each skull is so tiny!!!)...
there are a few other things i would have liked to do better, but this guy has to go out the door...

i hear Meph is a beast in the new Blood Angels codex...
hopefully this guy will see a lot of action in the customer's army...

thanks for lookin'...


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Viewer comments:
#363409 Rating: 8 21 Feb 2012
Gj moddeling. Though is teeth are a bit too large.
#324438 Rating: 9 14 Jun 2010
Dude, I was all "Why havn't I seen this before..." Then I saw the green. For a first scultping commision it's a beast! Really digging what you've done with it, loving the scheme you ran with. Really solid piece of work....Awesome.
#319825 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2010
Really great job! keep it up! cheers, -Pes
#318818 Rating: 9 31 Mar 2010
Really nice conversion mate! Top Job!
#318658 Rating: 9 29 Mar 2010
miles better than the GW one!!!!!
#318617 Rating: 9 29 Mar 2010
Jah, as usual awesome. Don't know how much you charged your customer but the conversion alone (for me) would be worth it. Painting really captures Mephiston as i imagine him! SWEET SWEET work






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