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Blood Angels Sgt. MKII
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jahminis


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Blood Angels Sgt. MKII

Blood Angels Sgt. MKII

hey CMON...

i've fixed the little mistakes that the first round of pics highlighted...
the freehand on the shoulder pads needed a bit of attention, as the skull had a snaggletooth, and the blood drop was not quite round at the bottom...

some of the metal highlights got rubbed off when i was handling him for photos last weekend...
that's been fixed...

when i took the first round of shots, i had neglected to reset my light after taking pictures of some taller stuff...
this led to me having to over-expose the pic in post by adding too much brightness...
everyday i learn from a new mistake...

this is much closer to how the mini looks in hand now...
i just had to throw in the full 360 view as well...

thanks for lookin'...


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Viewer comments:
#320686 26 Apr 2010
thanks snowman...i usually have to relist the high-price minis once before they get bids...this is actually the Web Exclusive Marine, which was available a couple of years ago...given to customers with $100 purchases from the GW online store...pretty tough to get a hold of these days...
#320604 Rating: 9 26 Apr 2010
Wasn't this a games day mini from ages ago? if I had the money, I'd buy it just for the model! stunning paintjob, really like the gold. I'm suprised no-one bid!
#320539 Rating: 9 25 Apr 2010
The more I look at it, the more I love it. Sometimes it's the litle things - I really love the holster, and the marble effect on the eagle he's standing on.
#320396 22 Apr 2010
no, you read it right...a limited edition mini, with this quality paintjob, is easily worth $'s the same price the last version of this mini sold for on ebay...
#320384 Rating: 8 21 Apr 2010
Excellent mini,but $200? for the asking price? Rather outrageous imho. I'm guessing you meant $20.00?
#320361 Rating: 9 21 Apr 2010
Great Job






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