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Hybrid Aberration
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by KDar


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Hybrid Aberration

Hybrid Aberration

Hi all!
Here's my last finished work, another long lasting painting process, begun in the late 2008 and completed a few days ago. as usual, then.
The pose and detail of the miniature are just amazing, so thanks to Aragorn Marks (if I'm right) for the beautiful work. The pose just screamed "directional light", so as a bit of experimenting I tried to place a clear light and painted some "fake shadows" to emphasyze the effect.
I've tried some new approach in the skin tone, used a lot of colours and variations in the process (well, for my standard at least). the NMM is sort of a "quick" one, hope I didn't screw too much.

Well, thanks for reading and looking, hope you like the work... and as always, every feedback is very welcome!

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Viewer comments:
#326648 Rating: 10 17 Jul 2010
Very cool! the lightning is very convincing. I also like the screws in the base, nice idea!
#326582 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2010
just, awesome, I love the colours you have used, also very nice blendings and it's a Rackham mini... nothing more to say.. 10
#325864 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2010
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing! bravo pierpaolo! scusa se non son molto presente, sai gli esami e conosci l'ingegneria^^ più tardi ci sarò, non preoccuparti. la miniatura è splendida, morbidissima e con ottimi contrasti!
#325856 Rating: 8 4 Jul 2010
The blue skin is great. Base is insteresting, although the screw don't fit, in my opinion. But you made volumes which are suggesting. NMM is okay, quite smooth, so for a fast painting, you did well on them. The flesh in bloody red is necessary for this mini, so I understand although I am not fan. All together, it works, well done!
#325852 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2010
Very good K´Dar, i love the base and the Color.
#325849 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2010
Very nice skin and gold, you make the sculpture real, its ready to jump on me lol
#325778 Rating: 10 3 Jul 2010
grande k'dar! splendido lavoro, se solo dipingessi di più/più in fretta!!! bye, rapaz






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