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Games Day 2003 Wolf Priest
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by misterfinn

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Games Day 2003 Wolf Priest

Games Day 2003 Wolf Priest

Oh MAN was this guy fiddly. How many little winged wolf skulls does one guy need on a suit of power armor anyway? Ah well...the NMM came out well, and overall I think he's quite a striking model.

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#43429 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2003
Amazing, this is one of my favourite minis ever, great job
#42159 Rating: 10 20 Jun 2003
Wow, Finn!!! That is just awesome! You're my hero, bud! You made a figure that I was not particularly impressed with and turned it into a masterpiece! Wayne
#41905 Rating: 9 18 Jun 2003
A nicefull black armour
#41820 17 Jun 2003
Hey Jarrett! Gold recipe is Scorched Brown, Snakebite Leather, Vallejo Model Color Flat Yellow, and White. I'm using the Vallejo Game Color equivalents of the GW paints. The snow is Hudson & Allen Snow - I love that stuff!
#41787 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2003
Geez Finn this is gorgeous! Man! What was your recipe for the gold nmm? Love the snow base too. - Jarrett Lee
#41736 Rating: 8 16 Jun 2003
Brilliant stuff! I love them NMM. In answer to Micha, it's the free special edition mini at all gamesdays this year, I'd bet he got it from Gamesday LA
#41720 Rating: 8 16 Jun 2003
That gold nmm really lifts the piece, as does the flesh tone. If it weren't for the contrast with the gold nmm I don't think the black/red would have looked half as good...but you planned that, right? lol I love the base as well.
#41715 16 Jun 2003
Micha - this was the giveaway at Games Day Los Angeles, and I'm sure it'll be at Chicago and Baltimore as well. You can probably find some unpainted ones for sale on eBay. Thanks for the complements on the paint job.
#41713 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2003
Wow. I think this might be better than your GD winners. Not too shabby... Micha: The figure is available at all Gamedays worldwide, about 10 total.
#41695 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2003
Fantastic ! I thought this is the limited mini to be sold on GW GamesDay in Köln (Germany), so where did you get it? ; it´s a shame I haven´t got holidays or I´d have gone to Köln for the sake of this mini alone! B the way:A wonderful paintjob with great face, cool NMM and perfect blending






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