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Space Marine Captain
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jahminis

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Space Marine Captain

Space Marine Captain

hey CMON...

here is my latest job...
painted to my basic commission standard, with the basic conversion/sculpting option added...
i threw in the freehand for free, because this guy would not have looked right without it...

the Chapter is called The Heralds of Light, a creation of one of the guys over on the Bolter & Chainsword...
the icon on the right knee is the Chapter symbol, while the sculpted flaming tower on the shield and shoulder are the Company symbol...

this was a fun little conversion, since i rarely ever take a fantasy piece and put it on a 40k mini...
i chopped the chainsword off of the bionic arm, and added an empire shield...
the power coils on the inside are sculpted, as are the two tower symbols...
the sword is taken from the BA Sanguinary Guard...

it took a while to work out how to paint the white, as i usually work up over browns instead of greys...
in the end, after a royal pain with the photography, i got a close approximation of how he looks in hand...
i went for quite a strong comicbook look to this guy...
not very subtle, but quite striking.

hope you like him...

thanks for looking...


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Viewer comments:
#352476 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2011
Great color scheme, great effects on the sword and helmet .. i love this mini!!!
#326767 Rating: 8 19 Jul 2010
Love the true metallics and the conversion work! But the lightning on the sword doesn't stand up with the quality of the rest of the piece IMO. - Nice work though!
#326494 Rating: 9 14 Jul 2010
A very nice and clean paintjob. The glowing eyes fit him well. Cheers and happy painting.
#326485 Rating: 9 14 Jul 2010
The white armor and the metallics look great! There is alot of fine details that really add alot of character to this mini. Great work!
#326469 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2010
Awesome job, dude! Thanks again
#326458 Rating: 9 14 Jul 2010
Really nice work!
#326436 Rating: 7 13 Jul 2010
Its cool man and the free hand is defently a display of your skill. I know you have it but like you say its a basic paintjob. And i have never been one for black and hilight. not blended. However its a cool mini. keep putting up pics. DEFO!
#326421 Rating: 9 13 Jul 2010
Nicely done! I like comic style and this is a very good mini imo. The tabard's great!
#326416 Rating: 9 13 Jul 2010
Crisp, clean and smooth. Very impressive.
#326401 Rating: 10 13 Jul 2010
coolio love the shading on the cape






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