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Pirate Queen
Manufacturer: Freebooter
Category: Fantasy

by DarkTower


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Pirate Queen

Pirate Queen

My entry for Golden Eye 3 painting competition on Lovely piece from Werner Klocke and paint inspired by Alexi Z. It was good inspiration, but now I see I can't achieve such quality, smoothness and details. Placed second (jury's choice) and first (public choice).

And as always - any comments, ideas or critics are welcome...

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Viewer comments:
#349169 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2011
Really clean and distinctive work. The presentation is also very professional!
#339252 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2011
Maybe it hasn`t Natalyas uber-smooth finish, but I like your version better. It looks more "alive", more "piraty". Maybe its the exellent colour choice or the elaborate base. On a side note: Is it only my perverted mind, or are others eyes drawn to the crotch-area too? :-D
#327706 Rating: 9 3 Aug 2010
Huh, I still hate that ridiculous hat But this is an excellent paint job nonetheless.
#327101 Rating: 10 24 Jul 2010
Wow... great scene. I think that maybe a little water might be good, but it also looks good how it is now. The bright colors and odd limbs floating around give me a very alice in wonderland sense.. oh nostalgia. Excellent work!
#327048 Rating: 10 23 Jul 2010
great scene!
#326910 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2010
very nice little scene, love the vivid colours greatly painted, awesome!
#326906 Rating: 9 21 Jul 2010
A wonderfully executed piece. Great colors and the base just kills. Great job!
#326901 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2010
Lovely vignette. Congrats for the prize. 10






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