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Nurgle Daemon Prince
Manufacturer: CoolMiniOrNot
Category: Fantasy

by Samuel888

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Nurgle Daemon Prince

Nurgle Daemon Prince

Another Commissioned work

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#344112 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2011
The axe looks a little flimsy, as though it has a rope handle BUT, since all of this was sculpted, I cannot not give it a 10. I hope the guy you did this for puts up some good painted photos! How much did you charge for this anyway?
#340630 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2011
nice work i really dont wana know how much time you spent on it its a 10 from me xD
#338634 Rating: 10 20 Jan 2011
Wow... I want one......
#338521 Rating: 10 19 Jan 2011
un - F$@&ing - real !!!!! I think this might be the best green-scuplt ive ever seen
#328010 8 Aug 2010
Hi Guys, may I just say that I really appreciate all of you comments, receiving positive feedback has always been a great motivating feature, esp. that for long have I not been posting any of my work, Oh must I say that the last close up picture in color is a WIP shot Thanks all!!!
#327974 Rating: 10 8 Aug 2010
Nuber1gamerash: You're an idiot... It's a commissioned sculpt. It's not supposed to be painted by the creator. Amazing work Samuel. Extremely true to the artwork. A fat 10 all the way.
#327858 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2010
this is wonderful sculpt. you copied original artwork quite closely. keep up cool sculpting!
#327762 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2010
9.5 this sculpt is amazing, and i love when people bring artwork to life which is what you did here, but the face, you made the eye bones onto the eyes a little to large and the mouth a little to wide, the facial features of the drawing are smaller and more dainty, you sculpted them differently and they look good but i cant help looking at the face and thinking it looks a little like a character from Where the Wild Things Are. great work tho
#327229 Rating: 10 26 Jul 2010
Once again - you have attained some seriously awesome texture and detail on this piece. Thanks for sharing. @Number1gamerash - You can, of course, give a 9 if you wish it, but your stated reason for doing so is silly as there is an entire category called "Greens" on this site specifically for this kind of thing. It is also possible that his client wants to do the painting.
#327075 Rating: 10 23 Jul 2010
this is the scariest thing ive ever seen...






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