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Elric of Melnibonè painted
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Category: Fantasy

by ilmarion


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Elric of Melnibonè painted

Elric of Melnibonè painted

Hello everyone,
I created this miniature inspired by Elric of Melnibone or better, as I imagine him. I state that Elric is a very popular imagination and fantasy, doing a quick search on the net, we discover almost immediately that every artist, every player, and sometimes even any music, images Elric in ways completely different from the one 'else. I always saw this character as a warrior, necromancer, a rickety crippled by various physical problems such as albinism, which is found at some point with powers that make it not only stronger but also more robust and too often more bad. I imagine him as a white wolf with red eyes, a demon in battle, not a good look but so powerful and skillful in combat by both fascinate and terrify anyone who approaches him. In addition, stylistically, I always imagined his armor very chaotic, almost like it was assembled with other pieces of armor belonging to the context of literary style Sword & Sorcery which not only belongs Stormbringer (Elric), but also characters like Conan the barbarian. Other elements I added to this work are the storm, as can be seen from the wind blowing his coat, hair, grass and even the strip of cloth on the handle of a storm that was not put there by chance, but to give continuity to the dynamic elements of the miniature. For color (certainly questionable because the character off the fees in question) I chose the scheme of "ice" because not only did not like the simple white skin against black armor, but I wanted to create something original, something that continues the theme of the storm that had already introduced the elements of wind stirred. I then introduced a color scheme that goes back to the very Prince Artas, World of Warcraft character and the whole color scheme around this character. The result is a noticeable change in the conventional scheme of Elric, one of my free interpretation of what is one of my favorite fantasy characters. The model also was born thinking the final period of life of Elric, the battle against chaos. And 'angry and desperate, he lost all his loved ones and going to play the horn of fate for the last time. The swings in the left hand while the right door Stormbringer, who must fight against his enemies. The paradox is that his armor, the one used in a thousand battles, bears the effigies of his force is struggling now. What gives him strength, his own sword is forged by the same forces that now must fight. From this was born the thumbnail that you see now. Finally, Elric is 9 cm high, is carved with Milliput and green paste and painted with acrylics. I really enjoyed working on this model and I believe that one day I will again like to reuse the character of the brilliant Moorkok to create new jobs. I hope you like this, thank you for your attention, for the patience that you have read this introduction and hello to the next job by Ilmarion.

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