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Chaos Marine Terminator - the Red Right Hand
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Rob Jedi

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Chaos Marine Terminator - the Red Right Hand

Chaos Marine Terminator - the Red Right Hand

This is a very very old GW terminator marine, I have only added the sword from a dire avenger and the back piece from a Chronopia mini, apart from that he was always that funky. Down to painting I was experimenting with metallics at the time and that damn swirly style painting that Mike McVey always did, I haven't done it again since.

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Viewer comments:
#217569 Rating: 9 7 Mar 2007
I, for one, love this miniature. The old GW minis spark a certain nostalgia. Your paintjob does it justice!
#151539 Rating: 9 2 Oct 2005
Congrats! You have made the ridiculous look cool! Im feeling retro now.
#143827 Rating: 9 8 Aug 2005
I have the sudden urge to get one of these and paint them... course, I can't find one... yet...
#77253 Rating: 9 11 Mar 2004
First of all, this old model is too cool It's almost ridiculous, sure, but in a cool way, even if I don't know if what I said makes any sense Anyway, the paint job is absolutely awesome, ultra-clean and detailed, and with amazing freehand efforts. Only his white head, maybe (and I said MAYBE), looks slightly out of place - a darker colour could have been better, but hey, who cares? This termie rules, even if it's Chaos...
#58356 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2003
F##KING A'!!!

#45214 Rating: 10 15 Jul 2003
i like more this old terminator than the new one! and your paintjob is very good...
#42119 Rating: 9 20 Jun 2003
(8.5-9) Named after the Nick Cave song? This guy looks fantastic, especially the metallic swirly stuff. And even though he's not all blood-encrusted and covered in severed heads he just oozes Chaos.
#42108 Rating: 8 20 Jun 2003
Retor-mania! I loved those old termies, and that is a nice scheme. That swirly lark, if I remember, utilised a black background, white painted swirls and lots of yellow/orange glazes. right? Or is this a different style?
#42049 Rating: 8 19 Jun 2003
I usually don't like Chaos marines (heck; I usually don't like space marines!) but this works. I think the swirly part really fits with this figure. Neat small conversions as well! The backpack really fits. Good job.
#42030 Rating: 8 19 Jun 2003
I´m sorry to say it, but this is probably the most ridiculous terminator I´ve ever seen, it shows how greatly GW has improved; still the paintjob itself is very good, the gold/red combination reminds me of early medieval art, especially the richly ornamented armor; the sword however looks a bit too slim and elegant for this bulkey guy, berhaps the SM termie captain sword would have been better - just an idea; all in all an unusual piece certainly worth painting






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