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Eldar Avatar detailed
Manufacturer: Greens
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by Jaume

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Eldar Avatar detailed

Eldar Avatar detailed

Forgeworld Avatar heavily converted by the amazingly talented Kruk (Piotr Kupper from MicroArt Studio) to resemble the art of the amazingly talented Mark Gibbons for the codex eldar, and painted by me
Detailed (and corrected) pics of the marine and the concept, all comments are welcome.

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#382145 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2012
Uhm guys, the introduction in the codex is only about how the Avatar came alive and a little other bla bla. The way I read the description of this model, is that it's dedicated to the work of Mark Gibbons, meaning the picture alone. not the fluff of the Avater, as in process of his awakening. But hey, I'm not sure about you all, though personally I'm definitely under the impression that the picture in the codex of the Avatar is simply a cool one of the Avatar looking mighty and towering over one of his unfortunate victims. If you agree with me on this the model is definitely correct (besides extremely well executed!). It really says nothing (what I can see, but maybe there's a caption or text describing what the picture is about?) about the corps next to the Avatar's feet being the aspect warrior sacrificed in his awakening. looking at the picture it's clear those are a pair of marine shoulder pads!
#377930 16 Sep 2012
ZakFaire...err...did you really look at the concept art and introduction text? There´s nothing more that a burned to death space marine lying on the floor, because that is what is represented in the ilustration. The sacrifice of an Aspect warrior take place in a very earlier moment...and has nothing to do with the project, whose purpose was to be faithfull to the fantastic Gibbons piece of Art
#377404 Rating: 9 8 Sep 2012
Amazing art and painting! But I had to dock a point because in the photo and fluff from the Codex, it's actually an Aspect Warrior who is sacrificed to awaken the Avatar, not a captured Mon Keigh. Still, fantastic work!
#341495 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2011
Dude. Wow. Exceptional!
#341489 Rating: 6 3 Mar 2011
WOW! think i'll quit trying now

#329939 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2010
Excellent !
#329633 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2010
The base alone is a 10.
#329613 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2010
#329610 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2010
Probably the BEST Avatar I've ever seen. Just looking at it makes me want to field him again. Great base work, love the glow effect on the Marine corpse
#329603 Rating: 9 5 Sep 2010
how has nobody left a comment on this yet! Awsome work bro.......really amazing!






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