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Rackham, Confrontation Fire Elemental
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by brushguy

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Rackham, Confrontation Fire Elemental

Rackham, Confrontation Fire Elemental

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Viewer comments:
#24328 Rating: 9 31 Dec 2002
Marvelous fire! Why about writing an article about fire painting?
#23807 Rating: 9 24 Dec 2002
I hate to be a jerk, because it is a fantastic model. I think the fire is outstanding. However, if we are talking about realism then we need to discuss the highlighting. A fire that hot would blacken the edges of the armor. I'd also like to see some red glow reflecting off of the armor.
#21490 Rating: 9 2 Dec 2002
absolument fabuleux,la figurine est vivante,la technique de peinture est impressionant,les couleur son tres bien peux etre qu'admiratif
#10204 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2002
Very cool model and the paintjob is just perfect
#5983 Rating: 9 8 Jun 2002
Gas fire is blue fire from wood is usually red although, since the flames above lava is gas flames, then it would be blue. However, it would confuse the eye. More real then real, if you will.
#5677 Rating: 9 6 Jun 2002
the best fire I've seen... IIRC
#1904 Rating: 8 31 Dec 1969
Gotta agree with the others, this is nice. But I'd love to see somebody do a realistic rendition of flame with blue at the base and very little, if any, red.
#1626 Rating: 9 31 Dec 1969
!WOW! Damn is this a nice mini! The fire is very very good!!
#222 Rating: 8 31 Dec 1969
This is, without a doubt, the best fire I have ever seen painted. Nice job.
#184 Rating: 9 31 Dec 1969
Man how did you do that fire and lava? That is one great look!






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