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The Minotaur - Cadia's Red Eagles
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Paaschburg

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The Minotaur - Cadia's Red Eagles

The Minotaur - Cadia's Red Eagles

This was my entry for GoldenDemon 2010. The Minotaur is one weird looking model. Lots of organic lines instead of the always straight lines of the imperial guard, mixed with a ww1 theme, it is the kind of model you either hate or love, and oh boy did I love painting it. It roughly took about 6 months of evenings and weekends to finish.

I themed the Minotaur to fit my ongoing army project "Cadia's Red Eagles", hence the unorthodox color palette on the crew. A lot of work was put into the interior as it was very detailed, and also into the fair bit of freehand. Each cannon is named after my friend’s twin baby girls, Idun and Sif. The number 831 is a reference to my fiancés birthday. The quote on the tank shield (“Ultima Ratio Imperator”) is a reference to Louis XIV of France whom engraved Ultima Ratio Regum on his cannons, translates to “last argument of kings”. It seemed very fitting on this vehicle.

Enough blabbering, hope you like it.

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Viewer comments:
#342911 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2011
#332065 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2010
great work! congratulation! 10
#332054 Rating: 10 9 Oct 2010
I can only endorse what was said before. This is an awesome creation. In particular, I really like the weathering-effect of this model.
#331957 Rating: 10 8 Oct 2010
This is absolutely fantastic! The model looks great and I love the scheme. The Aquila on the floor is a nice touch, too. Glad you shared this
#331903 Rating: 10 7 Oct 2010
Awsome Mathias! The photos you've submitted here are really not hidding anything - crisp as can be - and the cool thing is that your paintjob can deal with that with no problem! There is so many details that you've carried out magnificently
#331833 Rating: 10 6 Oct 2010
Amazing stuff !!! I particularly love the oil drips and peeling paint.
#331783 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2010
Because the style is so far from mine (and beyond anything I could achieve) it is a clear 10 for me! Good job sir! /M
#331632 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2010
I personaly do not love the model itself as I believe the concept of guns firing backwards is rather weird nad the model is a stylistic break with the rest of the krieg line. Regardless of it, you did a mervellous job, the weathering effects you have achieved are breathtaking, loooks like you made good use of the FW masterclass book (in fact you surpass it). The freehand insignia and markings enhance the vehicle further, turning it into a truly unique msterpiece. Hail you!
#331621 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2010
yikes! love the peelin paint

#331611 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2010
Hell yes! Fantastic work. Such detail, subtle and understated, and yet totally eye-catching with the monocrome pallette. A truly beautiful tank!






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