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Slaanesh Siren Song, WH single Golden Demon Germany
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by GeOrc


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Slaanesh Siren Song, WH single Golden Demon Germany

Slaanesh Siren Song, WH single Golden Demon Germany

Hi all,
this is my Slaaneshi herald singing siren song. The miniature won gold in warhammer single on German Golden Demon competition. The miniature is a conversion from the new mounted demonettes. There is a lot of scratch build work on it, like the violin and some other features. The base show how her environment is influenced by here melody. The street becomes alive and starts playing imaginary instruments supperting her song. I hope you like it. Like always feedback, comments and critic are very welcome.

Kind Regards GeOrc

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Viewer comments:
#334075 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2010
nice idea, colour scheme and paintjob
#333754 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2010
Sublime. This is sculpting and painting at your usual standard, GeOrc, as close to perfection as can be found.
#333377 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2010
Wow Georc nice conversion and a absolutely awesome Paintjob. kindest regards xS
#333287 Rating: 10 26 Oct 2010
Awesome work. I have to say that I kinda overlooked this peace in the showcase area...shame on me! Gold was deserved. I wouldnt mind Doc Ink. Who cannot show some pretty solid results shouldnt shoot at others or critizise non-native english speaker. I bet your german isnt perfect either. So these posts are just a good example of bad internet behaviour- the desperate struggle for attention! so far, Simon
#333236 Rating: 10 26 Oct 2010
the bad pics... :/
#333209 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2010
Very nice! Love the overall idea and how you did the violin. @jarhead DocInk seems to have a coconut stuck in his a$$, not only in front of his eyes. Why should this not earn a GD? Great idea, great conversion/modelling and great paintjob!
#333179 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2010
@DocInk: are there big coconuts in front of your eyes so you'll have a blurry view on this model? It seems like... in my oppinion a well deserved gold medal. I am glad i could have helped you with some base finding inspiration brain storm blurb of mine - well done, even the imagined picture i had in my mind looked a bit different from your execution, well done Mr. Doctore! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman
#333178 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2010
majestic! Dr. D
#333177 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2010
I like a lot the textures, great painting job
#333173 Rating: 10 25 Oct 2010
Deserved Deamon great work. @doc ink :i hate people they got not a hunge about miniature painting and vote other painters down!!!! jerk






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