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Eldar War walker
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Tagamoga

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Eldar War walker

Eldar War walker

Following dialogue in January:
M: Männe (husband), T: Taggi
M: "Sweetheart?"
T: "Hm?"
M: "Have you already something for me for birthday?"
T: "So early? No, but I have got some ideas. Why?"
M: "You bought me for Christmas some Eldars, didn't you?"
T: "Yes?"
M: "On your picture site I have seen a really cool Eldar spaceship."
T: "Ocha. And I have to buy you one?" (I have tried to get out of this... )
M: "Not, but to paint the war walker."
T: "Hm... let me see. What have you found?" (
T: "Öhm... sweetie... that piece has won a golden demon!"
M: "Well... I have another one, that is really cool." (
M: "But the best one is that one:" (
T: "Öhm... But you have seen, that these pieces have the same cool voting?"
M: (low voice) "What would the life be without a challenge?"
T: "I give you a challenge: Paint it yourself."
M: "I could not paint this worthy!"
T: "Another challenge: Try to escape my revenge, while the door is still closed and your key still in my handbag."

Well... it is incredible, what we do in the name of love...

After asking Yellow One if I am allowed to be very inspired by his falcon ( , I receiving his permission I began my most tedious project. Thank you very much Yellow One your pieces are very inspiring!

During days of frustration I have even lost the left arm of this pilot and was really convinced, that I will never finish it, until a kind user from "Das Bemalforum" ( named Drake sent me a little parcel with the missing part as a gift! I am still very grateful to him because of that!

After half of a year it was finished right on time for the German Games Day. It made the 3rd place in the category "40K vehicle". Although it was never meant to attend to such an competition, but only to fit in the army of my husband.

I hope you like it too and will leave a vote or even a comment.

Greetings, Taggi

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Viewer comments:
#345296 Rating: 9 2 May 2011
Amazing! your husband is a lucky man! I really love this starfield you've painted on it and the glowing effect of the weapons is really cool, at the end also the base is great. thumbs up!
#345287 Rating: 10 2 May 2011
Awesome. The blue lights are so well done that I tryed to see if there was some sign of light source like led or something like that. Nice, creative and perfectly executed. A 10.
#345278 Rating: 9 1 May 2011
Would love to see the two models that beat you, because yours is phenominal. I love the creative thought put into this one. A simple concept executed flawlessly. It really does jump right off the page. I can only imagine what it looks like in person. Great work. Thanks for the inspiration.
#345265 Rating: 10 1 May 2011
Words fail me. Bravo!!!
#337240 Rating: 10 25 Dec 2010
Gorgeous work, Taggi! Truly a spellbinding piece, I am very impressed with how you got that glowing neon look to some parts. Amazing, top to bottom!
#334945 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2010
Realy beatyfull model (and dramatic story), blue neon glowing makes it absolutely cool alien looking. Especialy i like targeting symbols on the wind screen
#334651 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2010
two words. OH GOSH
#334531 Rating: 9 14 Nov 2010
#334525 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2010
He, Taggi! Nice one... as I told you many times!
#334339 11 Nov 2010
Thank you guys for such great comments! I am astonished, that a copy of an idea is so highly rated and so well commented. It is only a short time ago, since I am painting with the aim to use the maximum of my abilities. And yes, I know I have to improve much more and to be braver for example in shadings (Bohun)… *sigh* My Husband had already the idea of the whole army in this scheme (locutus), but he does not push me, but is excited about every new started mini by me. And this is a real motivation for. And does somebody know an easier, cheaper and safer way for good presents in the future? Unfortunately I don’t have a talented sister that could lend me a hand with painting (Ghiest1)… so these models will be rare until I improve my speed… *sigh* THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Greetings, Taggi






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