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The Wayfarer - Nurgle Death Guard Fallen
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead

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The Wayfarer - Nurgle Death Guard Fallen

The Wayfarer - Nurgle Death Guard Fallen

He wanders,
leaves centuries behind his trail,
leaves planets to rott in his path,
he doesn't know where he finds freedom,
so he wanders for the great Uncle.



this was a really cool guy to paint up. I was at Raffa's and wasn't sure about what to paint at this day so i asked him if i could build one of these guys up. He soon saw some colours and I've learned that painting something nurglish is always a real pleasure because the goal is to paint it like you can smell the odor... love it. Hope you like him too!

In the lowest picture you can see how he looked like without paint. I did use several tiny things to make him look more rotten, like chains, cables made from guitar strings, other cables from electronic stuff, cog wheels from old watches, small chains from an unknown hobby... nagh, stuff, small balls from a water filter machine, Forgeworld body and shoulder pads and stuff... yepp, lots of stuff on this guy, don't think i can name it all...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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Viewer comments:
#395351 Rating: 10 23 Apr 2013
Perfectly executed nurgle! WOW
#391008 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2013
you're a genius Roman, I have no clue how I missed this plague marine! Amazing stuff
#345608 Rating: 10 7 May 2011
Pics saved. This is perfection.
#342404 Rating: 10 16 Mar 2011
Sublime. This is just poetic. I mean vile, horrible, evocative of everything corrupting and tainting. You've really captured the story.
#336064 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2010
Seriously one of the most, if not the most amazing plaguemarine I've ever seen. I'm seriously in love with this model. Amazing work.
#335304 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2010
Jar.....crazy job..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#335087 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2010
yeah, realy cool work!

#335054 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2010
Well done! Great job! People who give 9 or less for that kind of work should be killed...
#334942 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2010
Very nice, love it !!! So much character and atmosphere really fitting for a Nurgle Marine.
#334909 Rating: 9 19 Nov 2010
9.5 Bin going back to see this minie the last couples of days. I didnt know weather i liked it or not, was a really mixed fealing every time:/ But now i know what i think about it. The realism is so "real" -.- The sculpt/conversion is so "Nurgle" -.- And the last thing! Is that the overall job.., the base-paintjob-conversion etc. works so good together, and makes this 1 hell´of´a supreme miniature Why not a 10 then..? "Cuz i cant se it i RL"






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