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Alien contact
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nakatan

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Alien contact

Alien contact

Well, this is aggressive contact indeed. Outcomes are unpredictable...
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#336048 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2010
It's a bit much, to be fair, but war is ugly, especially those wars that take place in our imaginations This diorama does something though which can't be denied. It lives and breathes a life more than plastic and pewter can provide. Outstanding, absolutely.
#336044 Rating: 9 7 Dec 2010
Brilliant execution, I just find it a bit too perverse for a diorama. Really makes you root for the eldar guardian. Well done modelling and painting however.
#336042 Rating: 9 7 Dec 2010
I was ready to pass this off as a deviant kind of fantasy when I first saw it. I still think that you've reduced the subtley of the diorama a little by having her top ripped clean off and breasts exposed (You could have shown what's on the guards' minds without being so blatant and it would of been better for it in my eyes) I like how you've given the viewer a chance to spot that in the end this is probably going to work out badly for the guard. She has a super aware look in her eyes and her hand is creeping towards that knife. It's going to be over pretty soon I reckon, once the blade is slashing around her and her Eldar superiority lets her slice and dice the suprised grunts. Or does me thinking that just make me an optimist? It's a well thought through diorama for sure and well executed too.
#336037 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2010
you make the best dioramas. poor eldar, shes in for a long night.
#336026 Rating: 9 7 Dec 2010
Its done really well i.e painting and modeling but its very dark. Still very good thow.....stu.....






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