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Howard Stark: Captain America
Manufacturer: Grindhouse Games
Category: SF

by ScottRadom

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Howard Stark: Captain America

Howard Stark: Captain America

After the assassination of Abraham Erskine and the only succesful test patient Steve Rogers during the final trials of Operation: Rebirth the United States Army was forced to accelerate contingency plans to keep up with the Nazi super soldier program. In 1942 Millionaire industrialist Howard Stark delivered with engineering and steel the super soldier chemistry had hoped to provide. Under a shroud of secrecy Howard Stark perfected his creation and and unveiled his new armour construction that would allow for America to deploy it's own answer to Nazi Germany's "Red Skull".

Pictured is Howard Stark at Normandy in 1944. By the end of the War only a handful of suits had been constructed, though several different weapons configurations had been succesfully field tested by Nick Fury and the "Howling Commando's".

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Viewer comments:
#461375 Rating: 9 17 Mar 2018
Looks great!
#359875 Rating: 6 6 Jan 2012
Great paint but Stark would never be in the field. Great paint, Brian
#336744 Rating: 9 18 Dec 2010
Splendid work and very nice idea!
#336627 Rating: 9 16 Dec 2010
WOW, your best yet! love it!
#336515 Rating: 9 15 Dec 2010
WONDERFUL take on the Incursion Grunt! I'm a huge fan of pulp, and by the looks of it, you are too!
#336476 Rating: 9 14 Dec 2010
Awesome work Scott...the story really sold the miniature...the base lets this one down a bit though, but fine work none the less!
#336404 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2010
I LOVE THIS. Just wonderful.






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