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Death Korps of Krieg
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Category: SF

by muhani


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Death Korps of Krieg

Death Korps of Krieg

Lately I've read the famous novel "All quiet on the western front" by Erich Maria Remarque.
The author describes the fate of a young soldier during WW1. It really touched my soul.
These two Death Korps of Krieg came quite right to put them onto a base, with the book in mind, trying to catch the mood of a "futuristic" WW1 trench.
Somehow the mood of the scene turned out to be too heroic, nearly war-glorifying to me - that is why I decided to place Hasslefree's Rose in position - to give it a different ... hmmmm ... face.

Alternative description:
The revenge of Pippi Longstocking.

Hope you like it.


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Viewer comments:
#384151 Rating: 9 3 Dec 2012
Uber Narley, loving those grungey textures & the narrative! Thank you for sharing
#337531 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2011
Love it! And i even still find the "jar wuz here", haha... great piece, idea and execution! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman
#337505 Rating: 7 1 Jan 2011
I don't doubt that these are nicely painted BUT when you post such dark/contrast photos how can we to see the work?
#337426 Rating: 9 30 Dec 2010
thought a bit "meh just another overrated dkok" before i saw that little girl in the scene, she surley saved the day! very nice little dio!
#337422 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2010
just amazing. love that realistic style of painting. Keep on painting like that
#337166 Rating: 10 24 Dec 2010
i don't like the death korp mini's.....but ouch!!!! i like it congratulations....
#337124 Rating: 10 23 Dec 2010
Wonderful! A real pleasure to look at! Thank´s for sharing!
#337122 Rating: 10 23 Dec 2010
#337117 Rating: 9 23 Dec 2010
Very well painted, nice base and fantastic Idea. Congratulations
#337116 Rating: 9 23 Dec 2010
Awesome paintjob. Good to finally see it finished. I realy dig the "feel" this piece got.






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