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The Last Stand of the Crimson Fists
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by volomir

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The Last Stand of the Crimson Fists

The Last Stand of the Crimson Fists

This is my first diorama, based on the 90s classic illustration by David Gallagher. Made entirely out of plastic Space Marine pieces, heavily transformed and studied to achieve the most resemblance possible to the original concept art, while maintaining an interesting composition in 360 degrees. Took more than 400 hours of work and 8 months hobby dedicated exclusively to it.

The scene won silver on one of the most difficult Diorama categories I've ever seen, in the Spanish GD 2010.

Dedicated to my Morsa family (Elias, Irene, Piti and Narnia). You guys made it possible.

More pictures on my blog. You will find also a huge article on how I made this diorama.

I hope you like it. Comments welcome as always!

Este es mi primer diorama, basado en la ilustracion de David Gallagher de los 90. Esta hecha a partir de piezas de marines espaciales con mucho trabajo de transformacion y estudio de las poses para conseguir el mayor parecido posible al concept art original conservando una composicion interesante con vistas en 360 grados. Se llevo mas de 400 horas de trabajo y 8 meses de dedicacion.

La escena se llevo plata en una de las categorias de Diorama mas complicadas que he visto, en el Golden Demon de Spain 2010.

Dedicada a la familia Morsa (Elias, Irene, Piti y Narnia). Vosotros la habeis hecho posible.

Mas fotos en mi blog. Ademas tambien hay un articulo enorme sobre como se hizo el diorama.

Espero que os guste! Comentarios como siempre muy bienvenidos.

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Viewer comments:
#338121 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2011
This is beautiful. Please put up the tutorial on it's conception and execution. Lovely work. Thanks for posting it.
#338077 Rating: 10 10 Jan 2011
Absolutely breathtaking! Thats a real masterpiece. It must have been an awfull lot of work transforming all these spacemarines in the korrekt position. The only thing that looks a little bit strange is the raised powerfist. The arm including the powerfist seems a bit too long for this model, but thats just a minor problem. I really love this diorama!!!! HOOORAAAA!
#338020 Rating: 10 10 Jan 2011
What a breathtaking diorama, I have just taken the 3. ed Space Marine Codex out of my shelf to compare, I am amazed how close you actually came to the original artwork. The painting of the marines is excellent as well, the faces and battle-worn armor plates are awesome. I now see you actually convertedtwo marines to fore left-handed to stay true to the artwork... and you seem to have widened and legthened the torsos of several marines to accomodate the chapter symbol!
#338013 Rating: 10 10 Jan 2011
Salut, Je te l'avais dit le jour du GD en Espagne c'est une tuerie ! Tu méritais plus ... Tu peux être fière du temps que tu as passé sur cette pièce car elle est de toute beauté ! See you soon ^^
#337996 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2011
A classic scene, well done. Daz
#337990 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2011
This is by far the best thing I saw at the Golden Demons in 2010. Well done, you should be proud of yourself.
#337978 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2011
#337959 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2011
Un 10 como una casa!!! Me encanta...Impaciente estoy de ver ese paso a pasoo!!! Un saludo Volomirr!
#337945 Rating: 6 8 Jan 2011
It's wonderful It really gives u the feeling that they are surrounded by thousands of enemies and ready to die in a glorious BANG

#337940 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2011
Amazing work, to me you should have won gold at GD






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