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The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by razza

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The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

Hi all,
This miniature has been sitting on my desk unfinished for months, over christmas i finally had time to finish it.
The aim with this painting was to do a copy of the studio version that i also painted but without the stop and start that was involved in the stage by stage photography.
Doing the guide for white dwarf was fun but i really fancied painting this figure in the usual way, and i was interested in how it would come out.
personally i prefer this second version, but i'll let you decide!
let me know what you think please.
Many thanks, Daz

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#390696 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2013
Don't suppose you've done a tutorial on this have you??? Probably the best NMM I've ever seen, and I've been looking at a lot of it recently. In fact, I'm ordering this model now to give it a shot, so please, say you've got a tutorial!!!!
#341899 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2011
Beautifully painted - Against the black background, the mini almost glows. I do prefer the vial at his waist as you painted it on the 'Eavy Metal version but I can't fault the technique or the colour choice. The additional power lines on the sword really add something that makes it stand out more than your EM version. If I ever develop my painting to this standard I'll die happy!
#338376 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2011
#338330 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2011
Fantastic mate
#338326 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2011
well daz, im lost for words, as always. the first sanguinor you painted was really good and i thought it couldnt get any better, but this model a definatly proved me wrong. cherrs darren, pat
#338284 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2011
Awesome mate!
#338148 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2011
Perfect as always!
#338101 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2011
lol!! when i saw it, i thought! "Ain’t that the one from WD?" And that makes since since u are the same artist;P I think that this version is the best! 1: better color match, the greenish in the studio model does not look as good as the blue u have on this one. 2: The transitions on this model are way better then the studio model (or it might just look like that), a photo can lie;P. 3: And the base hare, Is way better ;P So a 9 for the studio model and a 10 for this one Oh and the small details on the sword and pads add extra ofc;P
#337921 Rating: 10 7 Jan 2011
Amazing stuff Darren, if only people could see it closer to realise how perfect your painting is !!! =)
#337827 Rating: 9 6 Jan 2011
The NMM's are amazing.






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