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Until the End - War for Macragge
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by julien.casses

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Until the End - War for Macragge

Until the End - War for Macragge

Après avoir réalisé War For Macragge, il se trouve que le GD français 2010 approchait à grands pas. Or n’ayant pas le temps pour commencer un gros diorama qui me trotte en tête, et ayant néanmoins envie de présenter pour une fois un projet abouti pour la France, j’ai opté pour une solution simpliste et sans prise de tête : faire une V2 de War For Macragge.

Le trygon étant sorti au moment de ma réflexion, j’ai construit le reste du dio autour de lui. Un bunker Space Marine plus loin, avec quelques gaunts, soldats, un dread et un nouveau carni plus loin, le dio était terminé.

Un pas à pas sur la création/peinture du décor (150 photos) est consultable ICI.

Bonne peinture à tous !


After making my Duel : War For Macragge, it was surprising time for French Golden Demon (2010).

The problem was that i had not very much time for starting a real big project that is in my mind. But as i always took just littles entries for French GD, i was also thinking that it was maybe the time to make a bigger project for my own country Golden demon.
The most simple was to make a version 2 of WFM duel.

The trygon was just available when i started the project, so I built all the rest around him. A Space Marine Bunker later, with few tyranids, a dreadnought, a new carnifex and some marines, the diorama was finish !

You can find a step by step (In french / 150 pics) about the building/painting of the base here.

Happy painting to everyone !

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#466789 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2019
#465227 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2019
What the...
#435543 Rating: 10 22 Mar 2015
Best of the best.
#425066 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2014
Just.... WOW !
#422640 Rating: 6 29 Jun 2014
Love the bugs so much.
#422260 Rating: 10 23 Jun 2014
#408792 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2013
#391134 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2013
Amazing job!!
#389313 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2013
Best scene. All the models look amazing and the base is great. I hope to be as skilled as you one day.
#382930 Rating: 8 17 Nov 2012






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