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OSL Space Hulk Diorama - Brother Xephectel's Last Stand
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Solun Decius

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OSL Space Hulk Diorama - Brother Xephectel's Last Stand

OSL Space Hulk Diorama - Brother Xephectel's Last Stand

Please click image for clearer version. It's still only 800p wide.
This was a huge lesson for me in Source Lighting. I've thought about continuing with it, correcting the hues a bit, especially in the darker parts of the scene, but I think I'm better off just calling this finished and doing new OSL pieces, using what I've learnt from the start, rather than fixing things afterwards.
I stand by this as a finished piece, albeit with little in the way of environment/surroundings, other than darkness.

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#341570 4 Mar 2011
Thanks you guys! Flagshiff, wow! Really appreciate that. Shawn, thank you so much for the help in making it. Sorry I never finished properly but I'll just have to do another soon Thanks roninjr! Serotoninless. Thanks! Here are images of it on my desk: You're sort of right in that it isn't impressive scenery and can't really stand by itself on display in the middle of a room. It has its place in my display cabinet though, and looks OK there.
#341474 Rating: 9 3 Mar 2011
Such a amazing concept ! Great job ! but the shortcoming is also obvious, its only watchable from a very few exact angles, and in exact watch it in real life must be embarrassing...i guess if u can make the ground and the whole environment more complex,it should be a real epic piece
#341469 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2011
Wow. This is brilliant. It has great movement like I'm watching an action movie and it's paused. You kicked ass on this one!
#341445 Rating: 9 2 Mar 2011
I've often wondered what happened with this diorama. Well done!!!
#341277 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2011
WOW just AMAZING this diorama is so epic i love horror atmosphere looks like a scene from the "alien" movies the lighting is the best ive ever seen this is perfect!
#341204 Rating: 9 27 Feb 2011
Brilliant! Thanks for posting SD! I stand by what I said about the upper contrast range in these pics, but this really is a great peice! Well done, and keep it up mate.
#341199 27 Feb 2011
Thank you very much guys! @Orki: it is in fact in flat lighting. Here are photos of it on my desk, for comparison:
#341089 Rating: 7 25 Feb 2011
Good work, but I'd like to see this in flat lighting...
#341039 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2011
Fantastic. This deserves the 10 it got from me.
#341038 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2011
glows like hell!






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