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ServoScribe omega VIII (Inquisitor Lord Ramirez Retinue)
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by pega

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ServoScribe omega VIII (Inquisitor Lord Ramirez Retinue)

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Viewer comments:
#132727 Rating: 10 11 May 2005
Magnificus ! vorrei vederlo dipinto.
#65743 Rating: 10 20 Dec 2003
Your work is superb! I love this piece
#53788 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2003
#45834 Rating: 9 20 Jul 2003
I absolutely love this. Great work
#45727 Rating: 10 19 Jul 2003
Whaooooo!!! It's an amazing work. You are a very talented sculptor
#45637 Rating: 8 18 Jul 2003
re: detail: there are things that a green stuff model will show off that a painted model won't. you're right. but there are also some things that are difficult to judge, like how well the model will accept washes. i understand how people want their sculpt judged without being judged on the paint job, and that people are resistant to painting a really good sculpt because they want to reproduce it someday. re: inspiration and imagination: i like to judge artwork not only on the technique and level of skill it shows, but on the imagination and creativity displayed by the creator as well. this goes for paint jobs-- a perfect copy of a golden demon winner isn't the same as the golden demon winner, because all the most important work, that of color choice and vision, is already done. now this is a really cool idea: a robotic scroll reader. if that was the artist's idea, i'd be stunned by the combination of imagination and technique. but a part (not the entirety, just a part) of the imagination came from the mind of the 2d artist, so i don't feel comfortable knocking this up to the 10 it would be on an idea this original.
#45610 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2003
Although I too prefer to see painted miniatures, I completely disagree with your comments! It is easier to judge detail on a Green and this work is very very good! If you find working from artwork uninspired designwork, you must really hate Rackham, they actually copy artwork front and back, with the sculptor having hardly any input in the final design at all! This is a wonderful piece, as are your other sculpts, keep up the great work!
#45502 Rating: 8 17 Jul 2003
i do get tired of seeing unpainted sculpts. it's hard to judge detail without a paintjob. actually discouraged that you were inspired by a picture... was thinking that this was incredibly inspired and imaginative. great sculpt though.
#45240 Rating: 9 16 Jul 2003
P.D.G. Love to see it painted.
#45226 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2003
Perfect sculpt!






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