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Duchess Death - Crystal Brush Project, painted.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Steampunk

by JRN

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Duchess Death - Crystal Brush Project, painted.

Duchess Death - Crystal Brush Project, painted.

“Duchess Death” was created for the Crystal Brush 2011 Awards at Adepticon in Chicago, where it took 2nd place overall.

The conversion is based on a GW wood elf steed, parts from two Femme Militant miniatures, a classic GW horse skull from the Skeleton Horde box from around 1990, clock-work parts and a lot of modelling putty. For display base I balanced the model on a black sphere to emphasize the dynamic movement of the centaur.

You can see most of both the building and painting process in the project documentation on my website:

And you can see a video (about 4 MB ) showing the model wobbeling about here:

I used a kind of mixed-media approach to planning the process. First I cut the main bits and assembled them with blue-tack. The conversion mock-up was then photographed, and edited into a greyscale print which I used to plan the look of the model. So basically, I painted over the black and white image and added details, corrected curves and shapes, and worked on the overall colour scheme. From this I started modelling and building the centaur. Painting the model I tried to follow the plan in my sketch, but had to add a few thing - mainly the ghostly white hair and the free-hand design painted onto the right hind leg.

I am extremely proud of the result and was just as thrilled when I learned that model placed 2nd in the competition, which had lots of really great entries. And btw "Congratulations!" to Marike Reimer who took the grand price in the competition: I picked her model as my own favorite in the cabinet. A very worthy winner!

Thanks for comments, votes, and also to those who followed the creation process on my website.

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Viewer comments:
#345307 Rating: 10 2 May 2011
Superbly designed and perfectly executed project indeed! Count me as one of your fans JRN!
#345292 Rating: 10 2 May 2011
I have no words, this is simply a masterpiece for me
#345289 Rating: 10 2 May 2011
AMAZING MINI!!!! great job with everything
#345288 Rating: 10 2 May 2011
As i´ve said before: Fantastic model!
#345282 Rating: 10 1 May 2011
This piece represents everything you are about; it’s original and flawless. It shrieks to the world that JRN is back with its sublime conversion work, the perfect paint job and a mind blowing base. This piece truly shows why you are considered to be one of the best miniature painters in the world! Congratulations, well deserve win.






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