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Hammâm - The Turkish Bath
Manufacturer: Hasslefree
Category: Fantasy

by Crackpot

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Hammâm - The Turkish Bath

Hammâm - The Turkish Bath

„Salam aleikum“

I started this project about half a year ago and finished it last week just in time for the „Duke of Bavaria“ (a big miniture exhibition/competition in Ingolstadt/Germany).

The name of this project is "Hammâm" which stands for „turkish bath“. This diorama developed drastically during the design process. At first it started as an idea for a small vignette with only one miniature and now ended as my biggest diorama with 3 miniatures and a lot of details. Thanks to all my friends on „“ who helped me with new ideas, critique and new perspectives. You can see many WIP pictures of the project over there:

Apart from the miniatures (they are from Hasslefree and slightly modified) the whole diorama is build from scratch. The walls and the floor are cast from modelling plaster, the water effekt is a 2-component resin from „NOCH“ and all the little details like cushions or rags are modelled with „Pro Create“. I learned a lot in this project, especially in the field of modelling and also a lot about arabic architecture, art and history. It really was an eye-opener!!! The most fun was the marble texture, it’s quite easy when you get used to it. J

I would be very happy about your votes, comments and thoughts.

SOOOO, if you want to get into it, hit this youtube video, listen to the music, view the pictures of the diorama and start dreaming of One Thousand and One Nights. But don’t get caught by the eunuch! J

If you don’t want to get into it, just look at the pictures.

Best regards


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Viewer comments:
#401896 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2013
Great job
#392225 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2013
just over the top GREAT! Love it.
#374041 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2012
Your builds are as outstanding as the blondes nipples sir Beautiful work, really very beautiful.
#363043 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2012
All I need right now is the address of that soapy institution... I would like to pay them ladies a visit of a smoochie nature.
#355261 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2011
#355210 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2011
@Brassangel: A severe case of sour grapes huh? Have you even bothered to look beyond the naked chicks? Let me spell it out for you: Everything else is S.C.R.A.T.C.H.B.U.I.L.D.! The marble texture alone is worth a 10!
#347954 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2011
Soothing colors and so much detail, this is one of my favorite dioramas for sure. Great work!
#347937 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2011
Perfect, amazing, stupendous!
#346266 Rating: 8 19 May 2011
I love how this works... Step 1: Post photos of naked chicks (in miniature form) on website. Step 2: Because miniatures websites are full of nerds, they will give you 10's. Step 3: Bask in the glow of an artificial rating.
#346156 Rating: 10 17 May 2011
11. really awesome! I love the mosaic, marble and blonde hairs.






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