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Gladiator "Thraex"
Manufacturer: Pegaso
Category: Historical

by jarhead

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Gladiator "Thraex"


During all projects for the Duke of Bavaria i also did finish my first 90 mm Figure, a Gladiator "Thraex" by Pegaso.

It really took a while to paint this guy to finish and i am thankful to all my friends for their hints and tips they showed me during the paintwork. I did not really concentrate on the historical correctness of the chosen colours, indeed i did choose to use the colours i love from the series "Spartacus - Blood and Sand" or "Spartacus - Gods of the Arena", a series i really enjoyed watching.

I did use a lot of paint on him and learned so much about painting with Oil colours. Now it is about time to start writing the big oil article. When the model came to an end i did reposition it again at the base with a more dynamical pose, like jumping into the fight as there is no running or hiding place it is best to be the first. This guy is going through his most epic moment in his life and i've tried to catch it. I am very happy about winning a silver medal in historical master at this years Duke of Bavaria with my display. If you want to know more about the Gladiator class "Thraex" please search it at Wikipedia. I hope you like him - let me know what you think. I really have to admit that i love to paint on such large scaled miniatures, i can use a big brush and my eyes don't hurt of too small details - hehe, i am getting older maybe or maybe not - Please feel free to comment your oppinion...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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Viewer comments:
#427545 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2014
Just awesome!!!
#347571 17 Jun 2011
@blueangelfire: I can't really remember, i still know some washes over the wood and sanding it afterwards, painting black, sanding... really chaotic - sorry for this bad answer, thanks a lot that you like it so much!
#346201 Rating: 10 18 May 2011
Yes, full of dynamic, keep on rockin P.S I kopied your technique for snow.. so cool
#346097 Rating: 10 16 May 2011
This is a really very good piece!! The complete athmosphere is fantastic and catches the mood very well. I like the way you integrated the wooden socket into the piece, that`s damn cool. How`d you get this effect of this "rotten wood" (like a really old old woodpiece, that`s really great!) I escpecially like the metallic parts! If you have the time to write, which colours have you used there? I like this one very much! But compared with "Torro" i am missing the "splatter effects" a little bit Just joking! I liked it to see it in all its glory here!!!
#345903 Rating: 10 12 May 2011
Wow Roman!! Really cool!! superb job, full of atmosphere...maybe something bit more on the Crixos on Blood and Sand...but this is just MHO...You did cought the istant!! ciao Stefano
#345821 11 May 2011
Many thanks Mr.
#345568 Rating: 9 6 May 2011
Lovely work sir. Excellent flesh tones and metals. I love the little detail on the butt of the sword.






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