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Severus: 'Renewal'
Manufacturer: Enigma
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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Severus: 'Renewal'

Severus: 'Renewal'

This was my main entry in the AUSCON 2011 'Wizards of Oz' painting competition: Severus from Enigma. I was very honoured to win a gold medal, and the 'best of show' award against some very stiff opposition.

I wanted to use some different colours to usual on this one, and I wanted the mini to stand out, so I decided to go for a colour scheme built around bright orange robes.

The idea with this one was to push the theory of 'colour echoes' as far as I could. What I mean, is that I wanted to use a clear and strong colour scheme, which would be both echoed throughout the figure and also on the base. The colour scheme I've used on the figure is a tetradic balanced scheme: the dominant (strongest) colours are orange and its complement cyan; the secondary colour pairing is yellow-green and the complement red-purple (violet).

All the colours on the figure are based around these 4 colour hues, and also all the colours on the base incorporate one of these hues. The idea is to complement and support the colour scheme of the figure with the base, forming a complete 'whole' - a composition of figure and base/environment that looks like it should all belong together.

All the stonework and rocks on the base are sculpted with super sculpey firm - I will very shortly put some WIP photos of the base on my website, as well as post them on a few forums. The tree is made from a root, with those leaves stuck on individually (yes, I did almost go crazy!)

Lots of fun to create, and I hope you like the figure too.

A big thanks to Bistra Atanassova for the photos - really excellent pics! I've just cut them out and put them on the blue background (the originals are on a white background).

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Viewer comments:
#347519 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2011
Will you stop surprising us, some day?
#347421 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2011
fantastic paintjob !!! you are really one of the best painter my friend! i'm a big big fanboy
#347384 Rating: 10 13 Jun 2011
beautiful colors...strange and beautiful ! CIAO...
#347316 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2011
Well there are all different levels of panting and this is true top level, how you have done the base so colourfull without detracting form the mni is pure genius, great, great job!
#347303 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2011
Just stunning.
#347268 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2011
A wondeful job. Your theory of color is amazing. You're a kind of genius ..
#347250 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2011
When I saw this I didn’t notice its your work but the miniature speaks for itself. The colors are fantastic and the detail is stunning. Very god details and light. Care to share how you made those little flowers and the tree ??. This work is a nice inspiration for me so thanks for sheering. -RED
#347240 Rating: 9 9 Jun 2011
That is so freakin' well done. I especially like the orange and the beard. - jealous -
#347222 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2011
Amazing work! O_o
#347210 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2011
Great Work, as usual!! Beautiful Colours and scene painting! Well deserved gold!! Cheers






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