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Khemri standart bearer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by derwish

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Khemri standart bearer

Khemri standart bearer

Hey painterfriends,
this is my latest work and my entry for this years Golden Demon competition in Germany.

Hope you like it!?

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Viewer comments:
#410753 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2014
Incredible!!! the banner is amazing... great job!
#385968 Rating: 10 25 Dec 2012
Legendary work, just keep it up, your an inspiration
#364666 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2012
This can't be 32 mm... The freehand is too good...
#356033 Rating: 10 18 Nov 2011
Adorable not from this planed freehand work! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes Roman

#351181 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2011
i love your style stephan
#350987 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2011
Outstanding work on the banner, as always!! A great pleasure to see you work on your freehands on GD Germany. I will try your tecnique and then comment on the results. Hope to see you soon my friend.
#350815 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2011
I really like that lapis lazuli gem in the standard. The whole mini is painted really well and it really looks like some antiquated Egyptian artifact. Great job
#350778 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2011
I said it before and I will say it again. One of the best things I've seen. Unbelievable! Everybody who has seen this in person knows how small this Mini is and how suberb the work on it!
#350776 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2011
Breathtaking. As always, your work inspires me as much as it dismays me.
#350770 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2011
One word - INSANE! Great job - really wish I could see this in person! Being a huge lover of color, freehand and NMM, you hit the nail on the head on everything. Well done!!






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