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Road to the Arena
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nakatan

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Road to the Arena

Road to the Arena

Well, Commorragh not a best plase to visit. But slaves do not have the choice. Someone too unlucky to survive, others too cowardly to die - everyone will meet their doom, fighting most terryfying beasts from across the galaxy. And now they goaded to the Arena, through streets, ship graveyards and portals of Dark City, through captured and defiled Imperial cruiser, remodified to slave pens.

You know, there are not too many space to show everything - so please take your time and go to see slaves and slavers closeups - , .

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Viewer comments:
#446567 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2016
#352123 Rating: 8 8 Sep 2011
good idea as usual. but sincerelly. the bases of the minis dont look convincing. it looks like a gaming bases. in my opinion it has no sense in this case cause it doesnt add anything except to ruin the overall looking. it doesnt look original instead out of place. in other hand, i think that althoug the difference between eldars and imperial guard are obviously achieved. the minis and the scenary are very well painted separately but they dont looks fixed. it means they dont look like if they were part of a story or a scene.. theuy looks beautiful separately. but when i see it as a single view it doesnt work. and a diorama should work from the general first impression to the smallest detail. but if the general first sight doesnt work, the details become not important. just my opinion i always comented your dioramas in a very positive way cause i think that you have a very strong talent but in this case i think that the work is well executed part by part each separately but that it doesnt work as a diorama. Alfonso
#352110 Rating: 10 7 Sep 2011
Hey, great diorama! I love the modifications on the miniatures and your paintjob is top notch as always. The only thing that bothers me is the base. The walls and the floor are too plain, too simple. Some rusty pipes, wires or any kind of structure would have been nice.
#352058 7 Sep 2011
Only one head of GW imperial eagle has an eye, lefy one.
#352051 Rating: 9 7 Sep 2011
--.-- Not only did I accidentally doublepost, I also accidentally miss-voted TWICE ... humph
#352049 Rating: 6 7 Sep 2011
"The left eagle has an eye, the right one, does not" One Eyed Eagle is the correct imperial heraldry
#352002 Rating: 8 6 Sep 2011
The left eagle has an eye, the right one, does not. Nice though
#351890 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2011
wonderful! What's a manufacturer of tied girl? Or it's your sculpting?..
#351862 3 Sep 2011
They`re not removable. Those bases actually same colour as the floor, you will see this in `details` post - i`m just poor photographer.
#351799 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2011
I LOVE the contrast between the clean Eldar and the dirty bloodied slaves. So a 10 from me. But I have to ask: Why did you make the minis removable? Imho it would look much better if they where integrated into the Dio and not on seperate bases. The dio could also be much more 3D with different height steps and a nice plinth. Also I think the warp portals(?) on the sides would look much better if they where done in the same way as the clear ones in the back. Keep up the good work!






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