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Visions of Hatred - Demon Prince - Details
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Picster

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Visions of Hatred - Demon Prince - Details

Visions of Hatred - Demon Prince - Details

Where no one can see, he'll take your soul.

Your vision, blurred by fire of change and hatred.

Seeing from a different view can change your mind,

and you will be a part of the chaotic rift.


Finally my biggest project of the last months has found a end.

It took a long time for the conversion, sculpting, and painting of this plastic demon prince, but in the end it was worth it

I tried out new techniques with creating fire and chose a very livingly color scheme, representing my view on tzeentch.

You can find a 360 view of the demon on Massive Voodoo TV:

Hope you like him!


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Viewer comments:
#354833 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2011
eyegasm, no more no less
#354800 Rating: 10 23 Oct 2011
Simply amazing!
#354749 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2011
Simly unbelievable. This is the best Deamon-themed miniature I´vever seen, a stunning piece. Idea, design, sculpting technique, painting, photography - everything is simly stellar! My favourite part of the mini is the fire, it looks incredibly realistic and is totally otherworldly at the same time. A shame I did not se this mini myself. And thanks fpr the 360° view - that was nice.
#354745 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2011
#354734 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2011
#354698 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2011
pure tzench raf,i love your original abuse of those brightful orange :-D it make it jump out from the picture, and as i told you in person i really enjoy those small wire dettails you add to the shoulder,they perfectly balancing that part of armour making it look less heavy
#354694 Rating: 10 20 Oct 2011
BRAVO! Nothing else to say....
#354548 Rating: 10 19 Oct 2011
Bravo, mate! Should have been a Slayer!! Love the flames, the colors, and off course the shield
#354490 Rating: 10 18 Oct 2011
#354462 Rating: 10 18 Oct 2011
WOW! Sick stuff picster! u keep amazing me everytime u finish a model!






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