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Monique de Noir (as a paladin)
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Jenova

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Monique de Noir (as a paladin)

Monique de Noir (as a paladin)

Since she is supposed to be a paladin, I tried to make her look very bright and goody-goody happy. I really love the way SE-NMM looks in pics, but IRL I don't always like the look of it. Since she is a gaming figure I decided to go with traditionel NMM. I think she is quite a lovely sculpt

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#89036 Rating: 10 12 Jun 2004
Awesome! The gold and silver nmm is amazing, and really all you notice about this mini! Absolut beautiful. If I had to nitpick (I really do, I have to!) The blue looks a bit flat compared to the incomparable nmm, and her helm looks a bit rough compared to the rest of the gold. But bah, never mind, this is a 9 or 10 mini.
#52989 Rating: 9 11 Sep 2003
The armor and face are gorgeous. i love the color choice.
#52677 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2003
I love it! Out standing!, it be a 10 but just one thing: the bleu side of the shild could of been better (compared to the rest of the NMM) but I must sAy that I love the tabar and your grey! Keep it up!
#48466 Rating: 9 8 Aug 2003
Simply stunning. I know comments are suposed to be constructive but, WTF can you comment on in a mini like this?
#48387 Rating: 9 8 Aug 2003
I really love what you've done with this model! Your NMM improves by leaps and bounds with every model you do!! Well done Inge, I would say this is one of my favourite of your models - up there with Queen Eaobhinn and my fianna... Keep it up! -Peter
#48195 Rating: 9 7 Aug 2003
Congrats on this contest winner! What a great interpretation of a great sculpt (I definitely have to agree here). Nice colors, the NMM is technically brilliant, but in my opinion the best part is the face. Really "adds character", respect.
#48140 Rating: 8 6 Aug 2003
Seems like a long time since I saw anything of your painting but you're back with a vengance. The NMM is greata as always and the blending on the blue cloth bits, makes me cry it's that nice.
#48132 Rating: 9 6 Aug 2003
I absolutely love the paintjob you did on this. I'm not fond of NMM, but you have done this one quite nice.
#48115 Rating: 9 6 Aug 2003
WOW!! Another stunning paintjob from you.






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