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'River Crossing' Skink Diorama AUS GD2011
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Fantasy

by Delmieth


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'River Crossing' Skink Diorama AUS GD2011

'River Crossing' Skink Diorama AUS GD2011

Hi all,

Here are some pictures of my entry for the diorama category in this year's Golden Demon. With this piece I really tried to escape from the the classic 'people fighting and blood everywhere' type of Games Workshop diorama. Whilst I feel that this certainly has it's place and can capture atmosphere and action very well, I wanted to experiment with something different. Whilst we do paint mainly military-based figures, the conflict in this piece I hoped would come from the fight that was *about* to happen. The skink chief is charging off and one of them firing a dart, but against an unseen enemy. It is a fight without taking the focus off the activity the unit is engaged in at that point in time.

I also tried to use the thinness of the diorama, the rising banks of the river and the trees on either side to focus the attention on the action of crossing the river. Suffice to say I won't be tackling something with this much resin for a long time, urgh!

Larger photographs can be found here

A huge thankyou to Weisern for the photos on this one!

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#356555 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2011
One of the More interesting Diorama Projects of this year, I have to say... Brilliant and "brave" decision to try the narrow Section and to execute it to the End so well... This is what more Artists should try to achieve, to think what exactly they want to show and then to reduce it to the Minimum in order to truly condense the Scene... I like it a lot... As a Suggestion I would advice you to work a bit more carefully (Technically... more clean...) if you work with Resin... I know it is a very hard task that needs a lot of patience to get the Edges smooth, but it is possible and the Illusion is better if everything comes in one nice, clean Shape...... 10 Points +, more like this please! It´s Wonderful and different then most Dioramas on CMON...
#356351 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2011
Great scene. Storytelling in a world of war without an enemy... I love it!






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