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Necron Trazyn The Infinite
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Flameon

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Necron Trazyn The Infinite

Necron Trazyn The Infinite

Hi! This is my first miniature in this year and also my first finecast, I had a lot of luck and he hasn't many molds and bubbles. I hope You like him.


Ps. I will put him on ebay on next week so stay tuned.

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Viewer comments:
#421857 Rating: 9 18 Jun 2014
When I noticed the Salamanders bolter at his feet I chortled. Great flavor and fantastic painting.
#383399 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2012
Wow, you convinced me that it's possible make that model look good, an your NMM is awesome, you deserve double '10' for that!
#366929 Rating: 10 6 Apr 2012
epic!!!!!!!! How did you paint the grey/silver gold and green
#365856 Rating: 8 24 Mar 2012
Your painting skills are really impressive, but the miniature looks like it was drawn in Adobe Flash with that cheap 'metal gradient' effect. Real metal is much more reflective.
#364885 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2012
That is frickin' awesome!
#362041 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2012
Impressive. Bubbles why bubbles, bubbles from where?
#362025 Rating: 8 1 Feb 2012
For me, metalics don't realy look like real metalics parts...the light is absolutly wrong...but it's a fantasy mini and it's probably a strange kind of material and the overal effect look nice! The effect is working well in pictures...but in real i'm not sure! 7.5
#361950 Rating: 9 31 Jan 2012
don't like nmm at all in general but u did a very cool and smooth job!
#361865 Rating: 7 30 Jan 2012
not bad
#361630 Rating: 10 28 Jan 2012
The NMM is perfect. It gives the viewer the perfect illusion as if it would be true metal.






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