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by Jericho

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This was treated like a GD entry in the faint hope I'd be able to go down to Toronto this year. Never happened, but when I finally put the finishing touches on the model I was more than satisfied with the time invested in him. There's no metallics on him anywhere, which is pretty new to me (only done once or twice before) and the blending was taken more seriously than usual.

I'll be posting him on eBay some time soon, so please keep your eyes out for the featured auction if you're interested

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#87087 Rating: 9 30 May 2004
Striking colour scheme. wonderfully painted.
#58237 Rating: 9 24 Oct 2003
thx @ glyn for showing me this miniature! the blending on the red is fabolous and i just love the bone-colored parts!
#53049 Rating: 9 11 Sep 2003
Clean work. The mini almost "glows" with color. Simple, powerful and above all, very elegant. Very fitting scheme for an Eldar Lord.
#52830 10 Sep 2003
Sorry for any confusion, but I don't have a Paypal account set up yet so I asked Jarrett to use the "featured auction" on his account. It's temporary, don't worry
#52666 Rating: 10 9 Sep 2003
Ah, I see what's going on...pardon me... Very nice figure, though having it posted twice is not good....
#52665 Rating: 6 9 Sep 2003
strange...this looks exactly like fact I'm sure its the same photo...I'll not comment until things are straightened out...
#51247 Rating: 9 28 Aug 2003
Very nice. Blending is top notch. The tones on this model fairly glow. The base is nice as well... simple, but striking (not overdone). In fact, that's probably the best way to sum up this paintjob: beautiful, but not overstated. Perhaps some simple trim on the cloak and loincloth would give it a nice border and give you a chance to show off your fine detail skills.
#51241 Rating: 9 28 Aug 2003
Very striking figure. The colors, both well chosen and placed, pop right out at you. The gems rock of course, and the bone armor and plume are extremely well done! The Ying - Yang takes the cake, but I have one beef. Either through lazyness () or just missed... the tabard is a bit rough. I think a small design of some sort and the smooth tabard would make me give a 10! All in all, this really makes me want to paint this model! Well done - Glyn
#51216 Rating: 9 28 Aug 2003
it's a shame this mini could not make it down to t.o. it would have been great to see it in person, and who know's how it would have placed?
#51166 Rating: 9 28 Aug 2003
9+. One of your best, imo. - Jarrett Lee






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