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Seahorse riders (in shell armor)
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by gael

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Seahorse riders (in shell armor)

Seahorse riders (in shell armor)

It's 2 new greens that I have made for Eastern Studio . In fact at the beginning i dont know how I can put a rider on a seahorse but after a long and very deep throught I have found a solution (who I hope is not too bad) ) .

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#111912 Rating: 9 26 Nov 2004
original designs sculptued to a very high standard the armour is excellent on the sea horses and on the riders i really like the male figure his armour is ace but as these are sea creatures i would expect the capes and hair to be floating like they were in the bottom of the ocean not static, besides that these pieces are quality and really take you to a fantasy realm under the sea.
#104037 Rating: 9 1 Oct 2004
Extraudinary Sculpting!!!!!
#95783 Rating: 9 29 Jul 2004
Bello , ma perchè il cavalluccio marino , dai , è tristissimo ...
#83815 Rating: 10 5 May 2004
So this is what GW's Steeds of Slaanesh are based off!
#75135 Rating: 9 23 Feb 2004
Another great piece.I wonder how it would look if it wasn't photographed on an orange backdrop? katana
#72558 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2004
Tell me these wonderfull sculpts will be for an underwater battle game where the seahorse riders fight shark riders.
#67625 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2004
you can now preorders these 2 magnificent minis at our studio at:
#60251 Rating: 8 10 Nov 2003
The technical quality of these sculpts are fantasic. Assuming that since seahorses must breathe through gills that they're under water, there is a decided lack of motion in the 'soft' parts of the figures-the hair would not be lying flat, nor would the cloak. Of course, sculpting hair that's been largely freed from the rules of gravity makes the task a lot more difficult.
#54278 Rating: 8 21 Sep 2003
Very good sculpting as usual Gael! However, I dont think tese are up to your best work. I really like the sea horses...they must be very hard to get right...but think you've gone a little too far with their armour. I would like to have seen more of the skin of the creatures themselves. This would make for more interesting painting, and contrast a shimmering scale skin (seahorses well known for this!) with the shell armour. I agree with the other comments about the two riders. I would like to see some less bulky versions to give a feeling of swift, flowing action poses..perhaps it would also help with this if the seahorses were not quite vertical. Finally the bases...I felt you could make them a little more sea/water associated (waves, shells etc). As normal however, the head work on the females is GREAT, and the models are really SO much better than 99% of others around. I always look forward to your next figure designs! Can you let me know who I can get hold of them from?? BRAVO --- and THANKS for sharing them with us!!
#52629 Rating: 10 8 Sep 2003
Sculpting on a level with Sandra Garrity! Wow! Will these be available for sale? I would love to have them.






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