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Mordheim Averlander Wizard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by verzaniproductions


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Mordheim Averlander Wizard

Mordheim Averlander Wizard

I sold my original version of this miniature, and while I was painting my Averlander Squad for the Chicago Golden Demons, I decided to use my "Celestial Wizard" as the unit champion. Thus I had to paint him all over again. Personally, I think this is the best miniature I have ever painted. The blues are extremely smooth, and I was really happy with the way the gold design turned out. I will try to post pictures of the rest of the squad very soon.

This will also be one of the miniatures that will be on my upcoming painting guide cd-rom.

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Viewer comments:
#157464 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2005
Simply perfect. Nothing less than a 10 is acceptable for such a piece of work. Congratulations!
#116067 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2004
I never expected to see a mini that was this well done. Your blending techniques are unparalelled and your color choices are superb.
#94677 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2004
Now this is a real masterpiece. I simply love your unique style of painting your miniatures. Best Nicodemus I have ever seen.
#82251 Rating: 10 24 Apr 2004
You have developed the micro mini airbrush - right?
#64623 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2003
Well , I have lurked here for some time , this is my first vote and it has to be a 10 , that blue and gold are superb , the robe really does flow and look like real cloth . Excellent work .
#56003 Rating: 10 3 Oct 2003
one of the best wizard minis produced and again you've done it proud, lovely work all round when is the cd ready??
#53376 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2003
Absolutely wonderful
#52696 Rating: 10 9 Sep 2003
Will the CD be available through the CMoN Store? The miniature looks great -- I'd love to know how you got the great beard -- hair is my current bane!
#52627 Rating: 10 8 Sep 2003
I'm only now experimenting with freehand, and I've got to ask... "What kind of sedatives give you that steady a hand?" This is absolutely fabulous! I think it will be awhile before I post any freehand.
#52360 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2003
Matt, this guy is fantastic! Lovely blues and the trimming is perfect! Starfield? Rocks!






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